Finding perfect pair of jeans more stressful for women than moving house!

London: A survey has found that finding the right pair of jeans leaves many women stressed out and depressed.

Out of 1000 women surveyed, 43 per cent said that purchasing denims left them feeling more anxious than moving house, with it being most traumatic for those aged 50 plus.

The survey, which was conducted by online retailer consumers, said that skinny fits make them feel fat and unattractive while two thirds of women aged 50 and over confirmed it as the most stressful of all their clothes-buying experiences.

Many claimed that fashionable denim brands make them appear overweight and the cuts display too much “bum cleavage”.

“However much you might spend on a pair of jeans, an ill-fitting pair can take you from fashionable to frumpy in seconds,” the Daily Mail quoted spokesperson for Jackie Lewis as saying.

“For trousers and jeans it`s all about the waist, which thickens as you age - if mature women simply buy a larger size to accommodate their waist, they find that the trousers are too large on the hips and sag around the bottom,” added Lewis.


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