Hugh Jackman walks in his sleep

Updated: Apr 30, 2011, 13:49 PM IST

London: Hugh Jackman admits he walks in his sleep, which is one of his unusual and frustrating habits.

"I`m one of those people who runs in their sleep - I twitch a lot. I`m fine with it, but my wife says that she can count to 17 after I fall asleep and I`ll start twitching. Luckily she`s quite a heavy sleeper but that`s probably my most frustrating habit," quoted him as saying.

Jackman, who has children Oscar, 10, and Ava, five, with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, says he wants to have superpower.

"If I could have a superpower I`d love to be able to swim and breathe underwater. I`d love to be Aquaman,"

"I`m sure there are better superpowers though - flying would be good and teleporting, as I have family and friends all over the world. I`m a little greedy, I want three superpowers," he added.