Sleep it over: Four ways for a good night's sleep

Cherries are rich in melatonin which is a sleep inducing hormone. Munch a few cherries as the evening snacks and feel the difference.

Five ways to tackle migraine

Migraine headaches are one of the most painful things that a person can experience.

Mobile phones cause changes in metabolism

Mobile phones are certainly causing some changes in the human body`s metabolism unlike claims made by cellular operators, medical experts have said.

Sleep helps in learning piano `like` body movement sequences

A new study has revealed that sleep is an important factor in the learning of body`s movement as it helps to learn sequences of movements just like playing piano.

Sleepless teens likelier to get obese

A new study has demonstrated that teenagers who get less than six hours of sleep a night might be at risk of being obese as compared to their peers who sleep more than eight hours.

Benefits and drawbacks of napping!

Most of us love napping during the day, but one needs to understand the pros and cons of it. While napping has many health benefits, resting at the wrong time or for too long time can have negative effects.

Indian-origin scientists discover sleep-regulating gene

A team led by two Indian-origin scientists has identified a gene that regulates sleep and wake rhythms.

Sleep inducing drugs may do more harm than good

Drugs that shift workers use to stay awake or go to sleep are not of much benefit and may do more harm than good, new research has warned.

Office with windows boosts health of workers

The windows in your office may open gateways to good health as researchers have found that daylight in office improves worker`s sleep, physical activity and quality of life.

Sleep in cool room to `boost` your metabolism

A new study has revealed that sleeping in a cool environment can help people boost their metabolism.

Five simple home remedies for Insomnia

Often you wake up in the middle of the night, you don`t fall asleep again no matter how much you try, instead you end up tossing and turning restlessly all through the night.

Gene mutation that counters effects of sleep deprivation found

A gene mutation that allows people to function normally on less than six hours of sleep per night has been identified, scientists say.

Healthy lifestyle cuts down negative effects of stress

A new study has revealed that following a healthy lifestyle, that comprises of a healthy diet, sleep and exercise, counters the negative effects of stress.

Smartphone app tracks how gut bacteria affect health

A smartphone app used by two volunteers for one year to track their daily life has thrown interesting results about the composition of gut bacteria and its close relationship with health.

Is paracetamol a back ache drug or just placebo?

A new study has revealed paracetamol is no better than Placebo as it does not help in speedy recovery from severe lower back pain or improving pain levels, function, sleep, or quality of life.

Early birds likelier to be `less moral` in evenings

A new study has revealed that people who wake up early in the morning are more likely to behave immorally and cheat in the night.

Tips to lead a healthier life

Leading a healthy life doesn’t only mean going to the gym and working out. It further means to take care of your body and make easy to manage healthy choices in day to day life. Our body is our physical shell that will take us through the various phases of life.

Rahul Gandhi caught sleeping in Parliament, Congress calls it `trivial issue`

Amid continued questioning of Rahul Gandhi`s ability to handle elections by several party leaders, the Congress vice president was found sleeping soundly in Parliament, oblivious to speeches or camera lights shining on him.

Get enough sleep to protect your kids from obesity

Wish to protect your children from obesity? Then, make sure that you get enough sleep everyday as a new study has linked parental sleep to children`s health.

Sleep well to learn well

You must have heard and read that sleep helps strengthen and consolidate memories. Now, researchers show how it works.