Kelly Rowland ‘would rather be healthy than thin’

Washington: ‘X Factor’ judge Kelly Rowland has revealed that she hits the gym to stay healthy, and doesn’t do so in order to be as thin as possible.

“It’s not all about dress size but also about being healthy as well. I’ll never be a size zero. I’m happy being a size 10, but I want to be healthy,” Contactmusic quoted the former ‘Destiny’s Child’ singer as telling the new! magazine.

“I work out every other day at least. If you don’t then I don’t think you see the rewards. Even if you can get 30 minutes of cardio in every other day you’ll see a big change in yourself,’ she added.

The Grammy-award winner also revealed that she is a big believer in keeping the body toned.

“Twenty minutes each on the bike and the cross trainer are great for that. Also sit-ups are the only way to a flat stomach,” she added.

Rowland also follows a healthy eating plan, but doesn’t believe in depriving herself of her favourite foods.

“There’s a great diet called the 80/20 diet, which means you make sure 80 per cent of the stuff you eat is good and the other 20 per cent is your choice. It’s great because it means you’re not depriving yourself of anything.

“Breakfast is very important, and I’ll start with porridge. Lunch will probably be my most calorific meal of the day to give me energy at work, like tuna pasta, and then at dinner it will be a very light grilled chicken or fish with vegetables,” she added.


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