No cannabis at work, says actor-singer Jeff Bridges

London: Jeff Bridges says he stays away from cannabis whenever he works on a movie, as he feels ‘sobriety is a wonderful high.’

“If it`s (marijuana) offered I`ll take it but I`m not a regular smoker, despite what people may think. I don`t smoke when I work because I want to have my wits about me. Besides sobriety is a wonderful high,” quoted Bridges as saying.

The actor-musician says he enjoys going to watch movies in theatres to relax. But he says he doesn`t see as many films, as he used to once upon a time.

Talking about the last movie he watched, he said: "The new Woody Allen film, `Midnight In Paris`. My favourite is still `Crimes and Misdemeanours`, but that was excellent. I thought Owen Wilson was really good. I don`t tend to see too many movies these days; I`ve become a little too judgemental over the years! But when I see one I like, it`s still a great feeling."