50 kg of cannabis seized in West Bengal

Fifty kilograms of ganja (cannabis) was seized from West Bengal's Murshidabad district while it was being smuggled to Bangladesh, a Border Security Force (BSF) officer said on Saturday.

J&K cop arrested with cannabis

A police constable has been arrested with 100 grams of cannabis in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Through the haze, Paris protesters call for fresh cannabis laws

 Sporting T-shirts and caps printed with marijuana leaves and with joints hanging from their lips, hundreds of people demonstrated in Paris on Saturday as part of a world march calling for the legalisation of cannabis.

BSF seizes cannabis along Bangladesh border

 Border Security Force personnel seized 6.5 kg of cannabis while it was being smuggled from West Bengal into Bangladesh, an officer said on Wednesday.

Substance abuse common among street children: Study

Tobacco and alcohol followed by cannabis and inhalants, sedatives, heroin and opium are the most common items of substance abuse among children on streets, according to a study by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Call for drug tests after New Zealand balloon tragedy

 Adventure aviation operators should face random drug tests, a New Zealand coroner said Thursday, after finding the pilot of a balloon that crashed killing 11 people was a "chronic cannabis user".

Cannabis use may lead to false memories

Even as the medicinal values of cannabis are hotly debated the world over, chronic use of the drug can make you remember things that actually never happened, warns a study.

Australian state to launch medicinal cannabis trial

The Australian state of Queensland will launch its medicinal cannabis trial with the help of other state governments, Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, announced on Monday.

Cannabis can cure cancer and even shrink brain tumours

A new study has examined that Marijuana can kill cancer cells and even shrink brain tumours.

Cholesterol drug may fight depression, relieve pain

If you want the benefits of medical marijuana without the "unwanted side effects" of cannabis, here is a piece of news for you.

'Maoists encouraging farmers to grow cannabis in Odisha'

The Odisha government may have successfully contained the Maoist militants in some pockets of the state but the government is yet to plug the cannabis cultivation which, police believe, is a major source of funding for the ultras.

Teen cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood

Teens who are heavy marijuana users - smoking it daily for about three years - may have an abnormally shaped hippocampus and poor long-term memory, a new study has found.

Beware! Marijuana smoke can also cause allergy

Exposure to marijuana smoke can lead to allergic reactions in some people, says a study.

Uruguay`s pot-friendly farmer president prepares to step down

Known for his push to legalize cannabis, spartan lifestyle and devotion to his three-legged dog, Uruguay`s outspoken President Jose "Pepe" Mujica will step down Sunday more popular than ever.

Two arrested for possession of cannabis in J&K

Two persons were arrested in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday for allegedly possessing 1.7 kg of cannabis, police said.

Smoking pot may make you maniacal

If you love getting high, bad news for you, as scientists have found a significant link between cannabis use and the onset and exacerbation of mania symptoms.

Dutch police find cannabis hot-house in WWII bunker

Dutch police have discovered an illegal cannabis nursery hidden in a World War II bunker, a spokesman said on Sunday.

Cannabis extracts help slow growth of brain cancer tumours

A new study has revealed that cannabis extracts can help slow the growth of cancerous tumours when used alongside radiotherapy treatments.

Marijuana can prevent PTSD

A new study has revealed that taking marijuana soon after a traumatic event can prevent PTSD-like (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms in rats, caused by the trauma and by trauma reminders.

Cannabis could be as addictive as drugs

As more people are able to obtain and consume cannabis legally for medical and, in some states in the US, recreational use, people are less likely to perceive it as addictive or harmful.