Pregnancy cures Posh’s acne problems

Updated: Feb 06, 2011, 17:21 PM IST

London: Singer-and-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is thrilled with the unexpected side effect of her fourth pregnancy as it has cured her acne problems.

The former Spice Girls, who is due to give birth this summer has been experiencing skin problems since she was a teenager, Femalefirst reported.

"Victoria has tried everything under the sun for her skin, yet nothing has worked as well as getting pregnant with her fourth baby. The hormones really suit her and she`s said this pregnancy has cleared up her spots," said a source.

"She has a pretty flush to her cheeks that wasn`t there before. It`s like a natural blusher. The texture of her skin is much smoother and any open pores seem to have closed up. She`s been drinking lots of water and eating fruit like kiwis and strawberries," a source said.

Soccer star David Beckham, who is married to 36-year-old Victoria thinks she is looking sexier than before.

"David loves this healthy new glow. He thinks she`s sexier than ever," the source added.