Weight loss surgeries can increase risk of fractures: Study

We're talking about severely obese and overweight people. However, is this really the right route to take?

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London: Weight loss is a term that the entire world is literally crazy about and the tips to attain this is one of the most widely searched topics on the Internet.

Diets, fads, exercises, new recipes are the global rage among fitness freaks and also those who feel that they need some discipline in their lifestyles.

However, counted among the few, there are those people too who go an extra mile to lose weight and resort to surgeries.

We're talking about severely obese and overweight people. However, is this really the right route to take?

A study says that weight loss surgeries come with its own risks and the latest one to join the list is the risk of fractures.

As per the study, severely obese patients undergoing weight loss surgery are more likely to have increased fracture risks both before and after the surgical procedure.

The researchers speculated that the increased fracture risks are due to falls and obesity related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, as well as anatomical changes, and nutritional deficiencies induced by weight loss surgery.

The study examined the incidence and sites of fracture in severely obese patients who had undergone weight loss surgery and compared them to obese and non-obese controls matched for sex and age.

"The study represents an important contribution to the evidence on the management of patients after weight loss surgery. Fracture risk assessment should be considered for all patients, as well as following guidelines on nutritional supplementation that include the best available evidence," said Marco Bueter, surgeon at the University of Zurich.

Guidelines should be followed on patient adherence to dietary supplements and physical activity, and patients should be referred to bone specialists if fracture risk is considered high, suggested the study.

According to the study, benefits and risks of surgery should be considered on an individual basis to propose the type of surgical procedure best suited to the patient as the efficacy of weight loss surgeries differs in terms of resolution of chronic conditions.

The study was published in the journal The BMJ.

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