Weight management therapies as beneficial as gastric band surgery for diabetics

A new research has found that gastric band surgery and weight management therapies offer similar benefits.

'Physical exercise along with a proper diet can help maintain a healthy weight'

Dr Veena Aggarwal, Head, R&D and Technical Services, VLCC Health Care Ltd, talked to Salome Phelamei of Zee Media Corp, on how eating better, being more physically active can help a person avoid being overweight and to stay healthy.

Scientists identify six types of obese people

 UK scientists have identified six types of obese people in a new study which could revolutionise how doctors treat the overweight.

Sam Smith 'happier than ever' over weight loss
Sam Smith 'happier than ever' over weight loss

 Award-winning singer Sam Smith says he is feeling "happier than ever" following his dramatic weight loss and is just four pounds away from his goal weight.

Salman Khan praises Sonakshi Sinha's weight loss
Salman Khan praises Sonakshi Sinha's weight loss

 Superstar Salman Khan says he is happy that his "Dabangg" co-star Sonakshi Sinha has shed the extra kilos and looks fitter than before.

Blame this gene loss for your obsession with size zero

While social factors, particularly the western ideal of thinness, is largely blamed for increasing rate of eating disorders over the past several decades, loss of a gene also contributes to your obsession with having a thin figure, suggests a study.

Daily exercise can fix non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

 Even a short and moderate regime of daily exercise benefits obese and overweight adults with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a common cause of chronic liver disease, suggests a study.

Quit smoking as it won't make you shed fat

 Even as the idea that smoking helps control weight is baseless, women smokers who believe so are less likely to try quitting in response to anti-smoking policies than other female smokers, research has found.

Which weight loss diet works best for you revealed

 A new study has revealed that there are very few commercial weight-loss programs that show evidence of effectiveness in the long-term.

‘Apples fight diseases, may help you lose weight’

In an exclusive interview with Salome Phelamei of Zee Media Corp, Naini Setalvad, Nutrionist, Obesity and Lifestyle Disease Consultant, talks about the various health benefits of apples and how eating an apple a day could keep the doctor away.

Need a 'sweeter' way to lose muffin top? Eat chocolates!

 A new research has revealed that chocolate can aid weight loss when combined with a low-carb diet.

Iraqi man weighing 301 kilos undergoes weight loss surgery in Delhi

An Iraqi man weighing 301 kg, has underwent a bariatric surgery at a hospital in New Delhi.

Disinhibition that limits weight loss tied to impaired metabolism in obese females

 A new study has revealed that obese females' disinhibition (detrimental eating and behavioral characteristics) that limits successful weight loss is linked to impaired metabolism.

Vasanta Navaratri: What should be your diet plan?

As per Hindu calendar, Vasant Navratri is from March 21 to March 28. Our experts suggest you the perfect diet plan for this Navaratri.

Major weight loss decreases risk of asthma attacks

Substantial weight loss through procedures such as bariatric surgery can significantly reduce the risk of asthma attacks - also called exacerbations - in obese patients with asthma, new research has found.

Liraglutide may be the jab to end battle of bulge

 A new study has revealed that liraglutide may help overweight and obese adults lose weight safely and effectively.

Novel drug turns 'bad' white fat into 'good' brown fat

Scientists have found an experimental drug that turned "bad" fat cells into "good" brown-like fat.

Women need to take out 15 minutes for themselves everyday: Yoga guru Kamlesh Barwal

India has given a lot of things to the world. Yoga is just one of the many. The west has taken to Yoga as an alternative way to keep healthy.

Diet with friend to lose weight: Survey

A new study has revealed that you are more likely to shed those extra pounds if you diet with a friend compared to doing it solo.

Trying to lose weight? Don't overestimate your efforts

If you are on a diet, just skipping dessert can seem like a huge accomplishment, making you think that you're well on your way to losing weight. However, new research says people tend to overestimate progress and underestimate setbacks when pursuing goals such as dieting or saving money.