Family criticising your weight makes you add more pounds

Women whose loved ones are critical of their weight tend to put on even more pounds, a new study has found.

Family's criticism over weight makes women gain more pounds

 A new study claims that women whose loved ones criticize their weight tend to gain more pounds.

Check your weight once a week to lose fat!

It may seem a bit bizarre but researchers have found that how often you step on the scale to measure weight is linked to weight loss - the more is the frequency, the faster you slim down.

How to maintain weight after shedding the pounds revealed

A new research has revealed that the challenge of long-term weight control, which every individual going through weight loss faces, is because of different genetic, epigenetic and neuro-hormones in the bodies.

Increase in mindfulness will not make you slim: Study

Contrary to popular perception, increase in mindfulness - monitoring food intake, increasing physical activity and avoiding stress eating - may not help you shed those extra kilos, a new study suggests.

Weight-loss surgery may improve urinary problems

 A new research has shown that bariatric surgery, or the weight loss surgery may lessen the frequency and severity of lower urinary tract symptoms among obese people.

Angelina Jolie underwent shocking weight loss while filming 'Unbroken'
Angelina Jolie underwent shocking weight loss while filming 'Unbroken'

Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' co-star has revealed that the actress got notably "lanky" while directing her new WWII movie saying that she was not eating much.

Don't miss vitamin A after weight-loss surgery

People who have undergone bariatric surgery to shed weight should not miss on taking the prescribed supplements including Vitamin A to protect their eyes, says a study.

Ed Sheeran dances his way to weight loss
Ed Sheeran dances his way to weight loss

 Singer Ed Sheeran has lost weight and he credits dance classes for transforming his looks.

Know why running is good for health!

Running is one of the most effective form of exercise to get fit and stay in good health.  

Weight-loss surgery may help perk up kidney function too

A new study has claimed that weight loss surgery, not only helps shed those extra kilos, but it may also improve our kidney function.

Weight loss drugs could be counter-productive

Weight loss drugs and related weight loss remedies could be counter-productive as researchers, including an Indian-origin person, have found that those who believe in such remedies end up gaining more weight.

Fad diets may not have long term weight loss benefits

A new study has revealed that commercial diets can help weight loss in the short term, but keeping the weight off after the first year and the diet's impact on heart health are unclear.

Human body can't be made to increase natural metabolic rate

A new study has revealed that human body can't be made to increase natural metabolic rate.

Weight-loss surgery reduces diabetes risk

Weight-loss surgery could reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by around 80 percent in obese people, says a study.

Is it time to shift your focus from weight loss to fitness?

One should vie for health and not a model-like figure! Here are some important, not-to-be- missed signs, to tell you if it's time you shifted your focus from 'weight loss' to fitness.

How body regulates weight loss

A hormone seen as a popular target to develop weight-loss drugs works by directly targeting the brain and triggering previously unknown activity in the nervous system, researchers have found.

Scientists shed new light on how hormone works in weight loss

Scientists have found the how the hormone, which is a popular target to develop weight-loss drugs, works in our body.

New signalling molecule may aid weight loss

Scientists have discovered a new signalling molecule capable of activating brown fat cells, paving the way for new therapies to help people lose weight.

Weight loss race not for the slow and steady

Gradual weight loss does not reduce the amount or rate of weight regain compared with losing weight quickly, a study says.