Simple ways to burn your belly fat fast!

Here are a few tips that will help you lose stomach fat and get that sexy abs.

How to detox post festivals!

Adopt this post-festival detox plan to get back in shape.

Men go crazy with food to charm ladies!

All men please take note! If you want to lose weight, check whether you are binging on food, especially when dining with a woman as you try to impress upon her!

Low fat diets no better than high fat ones in the long-term!

For any weight-loss program what matters most is that more calories are burnt than what are consumed and towards this exercising regularly is the best option with restrained intake of food.

Used alone, apps for weight loss are quite ineffective
Used alone, apps for weight loss are quite ineffective

Like many commercially available cell phone apps, CITY could be used to track calorie intake, activity and weight loss goals, and also offered weight loss tips and opportunities to connect with other users for social support.

Weight loss apps not enough to fight obesity

According to a recent study, a cell phone app that tracks exercise, calories and weight loss goals is not enough to create meaningful weight loss in young adults.

Count bites, not calories to shed extra kilos

Scientists revealed that the secret to weight loss success might lie how much food we are putting into our mouths.

Low-fat diet won't make you slimmer in long term: Study

Analysis of 53 studies involving 68,128 adults showed no difference in the average weight loss between reduced-fat diets and higher-fat diets. 

Know the amazing health benefits of fasting!

Research suggests that fasting does have various benefits for the body.

Gene therapy may help shed weight without bone loss risk

Rapid or significant weight loss through dieting can trigger bone loss. Loss of bone density, in turn, can lead to increased susceptibility to bone fractures in older adults.

Want to avoid cancer? Lose weight!

Excess fat not only increases the risk of some breast cancers, it also renders treatment less effective.

Weight discrimination may cut short your life

The results confirm previous studies that had indicated that teasing a person to lose weight has the opposite effect over the long-term.

Tips that will help you shed extra kilos!

Here are a few tips that will help you lose weight quickly.

Change up your walking pace to shed those extra kilos

Increase your walking pace to lose weight!

Weight-loss surgery boosts testosterone levels in obese men 

The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of surgical weight loss following sleeve gastrectomy on serum testosterone, DHEA (a precursor to testosterone) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Are you coming in the way of your weight loss?

The question is, are you really doing everything right to reach your destined weight? No, the answer is not in your genetics and neither is it natural. However, you may be, unintentionally of course, obstructing yourself from achieving your goal.

Spice up your life! Know why red chillies are good for you!

Spicy food is loved and savoured by all across the globe. The hot and fiery flavour peppered with relish is how most people, the world over, prefer their food to be. Spicy food gives one a feeling of satisfaction and contentment after finishing a meal.  

Exercise improves fertility in women

 Exercise and weight loss improves ovulation in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common hormone disorder that often causes infertility, a new study says.

Neural mechanism responsible for fat breakdown

From brain, to fat, to weight loss, a new study has revealed the neural mechanism responsible for fat breakdown.

Quick weight loss tips: How to avoid overeating

Are you on a weight losing spree? But do you eat right or know how to limit your fat intake to get rid of those unwanted flabs? Do you also exercise almost everyday?