Seven natural ways to keep those extra kilos at bay!

Tackling obesity is not too tough. You don’t need to subscribe to expensive treatments to reduce obesity or to be completely cured. There are simple home remedies which can give you an absolute cure from obesity.  

Five reasons to eat sprouts!

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The heights of fa(t)shion!

How do people even define the term 'fat'? Think about it. There are actually various versions of fat and all of them mixed up!  

Avoid eating 'on the go' to keep obesity at bay

Foodies, you may want to avoid snacking while walking as a new study claims that eating 'on the go' can lead to weight gain.

Brown fat implants can reduce weight gain

 US scientists have developed a novel way of injecting energy-burning "good" fat that can help reduce weight gain and lower blood-glucose levels.

Obesity `master-switch` in genes may be turned off: Study

Scientists have identified a genetic master-switch that makes some people more prone to obesity than others, and research out Wednesday suggests it can be turned off, possibly leading to weight loss.

Low-fat diet leads to more fat loss than carb restriction

 Contrary to popular claims, restricting dietary fat can lead to greater body fat loss than carbohydrate restriction, even though a low-carb diet reduces insulin and increases fat burning, new researcher has found.

Keep pedalling at work to stay healthy

Forget treadmill work stations, a portable pedalling device under the desk can provide a convenient way to keep sedentary workers active at work, and improving their health.

Before you think of throwing those banana peels in the dustbin, read this!

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New Delhi: It is a well known fact that bananas are packed with several health benefits, but do you know that the peel of bananas are equally beneficial.Sounds weird? 

Yo-yo dieting not linked to higher cancer risk

Repeated loss and regain of weight due to dieting or what is also called yo-yo dieting may not put you at increased risk of contracting cancer.

Dementia drugs can lead to harmful weight loss

Common drugs used to treat dementia can result in harmful weight loss in the elderly, researchers have warned.

Lose weight for healthy liver: Study

Weight loss through lifestyle modification and bariatric surgery can significantly reduce features of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a disease characterised by fat in the liver, studies said.

Now, a compound that mimics the effects of exercise!

If you are too lazy to hit the gym but want to enjoy all the benefits of exercise, new research may brighten your prospects.

Newspapers can predict your country's obesity levels

What you are reading now can actually reveal whether your country will be skinnier or fatter in three years, research shows.

Simon Cowell defends Cheryl Fernandez-Versini weight loss
Simon Cowell defends Cheryl Fernandez-Versini weight loss

"The X Factor" judge Simon Cowell has come out in defence of his fellow judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's much criticized weight loss.

Know why bottle gourd is good for health!

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New Delhi: We all know the healthy benefits of green vegetables. One of them is bottle gourd- which is bottle shaped, light green and long vegetable.

Depression, chronic stress can cause weight gain

Chronic stress or Hypothyroidism can be a reason for weight gain, says an expert.

Know why Zumba is good for health!

One of the most popular dance fitness forms—Zumba is a combination of aerobics coupled with dance moves.

Know the health benefits of eating dates (khajoor)

Know why you should eat khajoor (dates) on a daily basis to enhance your health.

How your coffee cuppa benefits your health

 The much believed fact that coffee does good to people is now being proved as researchers have claimed that drinking coffee can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.