Pancreatic cancer: Know the warning signs!

Usually, pancreatic cancer doesn't give rise to any signs and symptoms until it's advanced. 

These are the best weight loss apps!

After examining 800 apps, they ranked the best apps for weight loss on the basis of their accuracy and scientific basis.

Few `walnuts` a day can keep extra kilos at bay

The University of California study found that a diet containing unsaturated fats, such as those found in walnuts and olive oil, has similar weight loss effects as a lower fat, higher-carbohydrate diet.

Honey: How it helps in weight loss!

Studies suggest that honey is a smarter choice than table sugar for people wanting to lose weight.

Declining weight during ageing linked to cognitive impairment

People having a greater weight loss during ageing are at an increased risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which affects the memory, language, thinking and judging capacity of an individual, says a new study.

Top five foods for a flat tummy!

Here are some foods that will help shrink your belly quickly while maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Exercise 'sweet spot' for losing weight may exist: Study

People who start exercise programmes to lose weight often see a decline in weight loss (or even a reversal) after a few months.

Why exercise alone won't get those extra kilos off

Gym bunnies, you may be wasting your time as a new study has revealed that exercise by itself isn't always enough to shed those extra kilos.

Weight loss surgery may kill romance, hit family life

 Want to shed those extra kilos through weight loss surgery? Do it before you get hitched! According to a study, being married might actually work against those who want to put off weight, reveals a study.

Walk your way to a fitter, slimmer you!

Walking helps you lose weight as it reduces excess body fat.

Watch: How your morning coffee can help you lose weight

This video explains why adding coconut oil or coconut butter to your coffee in the morning is good.

Chromium diet pills may cause cancer: Study

Long term use of nutritional supplements containing chromium may increase the risk of contracting cancer, warns a new study.

Watch: Why you should detox with a glass of water every morning!

Weight loss and detoxification are all the rage at the moment with fitness enthusiasts, dieticians and even those who stress about their weight.

Five steps, seven days: Losing that belly fat is a snap!

You can reduce that belly fat within just seven days!

Watch: Oprah Winfrey recounts her weight loss struggles in emotionally charged ad!

To recount her struggles and experiences, Winfrey has made her debut as the new Weight Watchers' lead spokeswoman. 

How to lose weight without any sweat!

Just making a few simple changes in your lifestyle can help you out with your weight issues.

Why it's nearly impossible to shed those extra kilos

Wealthy western nations, like the U.S. and U.K., have been weight and body image-obsessed for decades now.

Breaking the most common weight loss myth

Theoretically, he had calculated how many calories a person had to burn or forego in order to lose a pound of fat. 

Mother shouldn't discuss weight issue with daughters

If you want your daughter to shed a few pounds, better abstain from saying it in so many words and if you have to, do bring in your own weight concerns to the discussion, suggests new research.

Sun exposure impacts weight-loss surgery results

Seasonal sun exposure plays a substantial role in how well people do after weight loss surgery.