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Top five amazing benefits of spinach!

Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable and considered as a superfood due to its antioxidants and anti-cancer composition.

How to prevent obesity, eating disorders in teenagers

Quick, substantial weight loss methods can trigger medical consequences such as unstable heart rate.

This is why you should drink water on an empty stomach!

We always drink water whenever we are thirsty or after eating something spicy or a meal.

Five easy home remedies to reduce stretch marks!

 Stretch marks can be one of the scariest things anyone can have on their skin.

Want to lose weight? Make friends with thin people!

The findings, published in the journal Obesity, were based on an analysis of 9,335 people aged between 18 to 65 years and tracked the participants' self-reported social networking changes and body mass outcomes for a year.

Belly-fat reduction made easy with the help of these six simple drinks! - Watch video

Without a doubt, the biggest problem area when it comes to weight is the belly, which most people resolve to reduce by way of diets and exercise.  

Make the healthy switch – Replace your sugar-rich soda's with water to cut obesity!

Swapping one 8-ounce sugar-sweetened beverage with an 8-ounce serving of water could reduce daily calories and the prevalence of obesity in populations that consume sugary beverages.

This is why you should drink grape juice!

Who doesn't like to eat grapes? Well, everyone does and it is considered good for our health as well.

Women less concerned about weight than men

Women less concerned about weight than men

 Women today appear to be accepting their bodies more than in the past, especially regarding weight, than men, according to a new research.

Here's how you can safely lose weight in one month without exercise!

 This one is specifically for those of you trying hard to shed off the extra kilos you have gained, but unble to do it due to your crazy, hectic work schedule.  

AMAZING WEIGHT LOSS TIP! Is this the fastest way to lose fat overnight?- Watch

Who doesn't want to lose those extra bulges from their waistline and have a healthy body?

Weight loss surgeries can increase risk of fractures: Study

We're talking about severely obese and overweight people. However, is this really the right route to take?

Online counselling - The new strategy to lose weight?

Using the Positive Online Weight Reduction (POWeR)+ online programme with very brief support from practice staff, participants lost over one kg more averaged over 12 months and were more likely to maintain clinically important weight loss by 12 months.

Five health benefits of cashew nuts you didn't know about!

 Here are some reasons why cashew nuts make an excellent choice and you should not eliminate them from your diet.

Five foods you should avoid at all costs!

Five foods you should avoid at all costs!

Five foods you should avoid at all costs!

Bariatric surgery for weight loss likely to improve mobility, lower heart rate

A study has revealed that obese teenagers who undergo bariatric surgery for weight loss are more likely to walk faster, have less walking-related muscular pain and lower heart rates in six months following the surgery.

Brisk walk better than jogging in combatting pre-diabetes

The findings are based on a randomised, six-month study of 150 participants, each of whom was designated as having pre-diabetes based on elevated fasting glucose levels.

Dieting woes? These five foods will make your meals less gloomy! - Watch slideshow

Dieting woes? These five foods will make your meals less gloomy! - Watch slideshow

Dieting woes? These five foods will make your meals less gloomy! - Watch slideshow

Desk job? Lose weight and keep your belly flat with these tips!

Here are some healthy steps that will help reduce your risks for various health conditions as well as avoid gaining excessive weight.

Water can be the new secret to losing weight: Study

We all might have tried many things like to get rid of those excess fats in our body. But have you ever thought of water being the reason of your weight loss.