Diet with friend to lose weight: Survey

A new study has revealed that you are more likely to shed those extra pounds if you diet with a friend compared to doing it solo.

Trying to lose weight? Don't overestimate your efforts

If you are on a diet, just skipping dessert can seem like a huge accomplishment, making you think that you're well on your way to losing weight. However, new research says people tend to overestimate progress and underestimate setbacks when pursuing goals such as dieting or saving money.

Why exercise programs often do not lead to weight loss

A new study has revealed how to avoid setting yourself up for failure while trying to lose weight.

A glass of tomato juice daily can help rid you of your beer belly

A new study has found that drinking a glass of tomato juice daily helps in reducing the weight around the waist without making any other changes to diet or lifestyle.

Watered-down version of First World War explosive reverses diabetes in mice

A new study has revealed that an agent, which caused munitions factory workers to lose weight inexplicably in the First World War and had originally been used for weight loss more than 70 years ago, reversed type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease in rats.

Meet `weighty` Arjun Kapoor ten years back!
Meet `weighty` Arjun Kapoor ten years back!

Bollywood's new heart-throb Arjun Kapoor who has captivated thousands of female hearts, once had major weight issues.

It's official! Losing weight is no piece of cake

We all find it difficult to meet our weight loss resolutions, and now a new study has made it official that it is indeed tough to shed those extra kilos.

Benefits of climbing stairs!

Climbing stairs is the best way to burns calories than taking a traditional walk and it increases chance of achieving weight loss. 

Know why eating banana is good for health!

Banana is a fruit which is loved by all and good for health. 

Ajay Devgn to lose kilos for next?
Ajay Devgn to lose kilos for next?

The intense, brooding actor—Ajay Devgn is surely reckoned in the showbiz for his acting prowess. The 'Action Jackson' star is one of the most fittest actors in the industry today. According to a leading daily, the macho Ajay will soon be shedding all the extra weight to get started for his next.

People trust friends when it comes to weight-loss

When it comes to joining a weight-loss programme, people trust their friends who have lost weight more than the advice of celebrities, a study says.

Veggie diets help healthier weight loss than crash counterparts

A recent study has found that eating like a caveman i.e. veggies, can really help in losing large pounds rather than opting for crash diet plans.

How social media aids in losing weight

A new research has found that social media posts helps in losing weight and especially assists in maintaining it later in life.

A dash of 'chili peppers' may help you win battle of the bulge

There may be a spicy way to keep your body in shape, as scientists have found that adding capsaicin from chili peppers to a diet may just help to prevent weight gain.

Over-weight? Red wine could help you burn fat

Drinking red grape juice or wine in moderation could improve the health of over-weight people by helping them burn fat better, says a study.

A step closer to medicine that treats obesity

 A peptide and hormone that reduces the urge to eat when administered to a specific area of the brain could be the target for developing medications to treat obesity and binge eating disorder, says a research.

Practice Yoga to beat obesity

Practice yoga to beat obesity or excess weight.

Make more friends to shed those extra kilos

Online dieters who log in regularly lose more than eight percent of their body weight in six months, a new study shows adding that the less users interacted in the community, the less weight they lost.

Online dieters who make more 'connections' lose more weight

A new study has recently revealed that people who make more connections while using an online weight management program lose around more than 8 percent of their body weight in six months.

Meet reviews how to improve dermatology laser treatments

A leading medical institution held a discussion here Sunday on how to improve laser procedures performed by dermatologists.