US elections: Romney on campaign trail on Election Day

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney kept up campaign frenzy even on Election Day.

Washington: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney kept up campaign frenzy even on Election Day and dashed through the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania for a last minute push to his election prospects.

In an email to his supporters, Romney sought their vote.

His campaign advisors exuded confidence that Romney will be able to make an upset later in the evening when election results start pouring in.

"Yes, it`s hard not to," former Jim Talent, the top Romney Campaign Senior Advisor told the CNN in an interview.

"I`ve been campaigning for Governor Romney in Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and our group was speaking to packed crowds. His crowds have been so great. And you can tell people want hope for a real recovery and really addressing the nation`s problems and I think they see that in Governor Romney.

"So you know we know it`s close, but it`s hard not to be optimistic," Talent said.
Romney he said is "enthusiastic" on the Election Day.

"We will find out who is delusional tonight. I mean, I know the crowds he`s been speaking to. I was with him last Friday night, 35,000 people outside Cincinnati. We feel pretty good about this.

"Intensity level is high, we`re winning Independents, but again, you know the good news is that today we`re going to get the poll that really matters and we`ll see what the American people think and whether they want a change from what we`ve had the last four years," he said in response to a question.

In another interview to the Fox news, Romney Advisor Ed Gillespie said that the Republican candidate would win decisively.

"The fact is, we can`t afford four more years like the last four years. And Governor Romney has been out there putting forward a positive vision and a plan to turn the economy around, to create 12 million jobs, unleash domestic energy, get us to a balanced budget.

"That`s why he`s got momentum here on Election Day. And I think that`s why he`s going to win tonight, not just win, but win decisively. I don`t think there?s going to be any doubt at the end of tonight who the next president is going to be," he said.

Meanwhile, Romney for President released a new web video, `The Moment`.

"We believe in America and we believe the time for real change is now upon us. These last four years are merely a detour and not our destiny. This is the moment we have been waiting for," the campaign said.

"This isn`t a campaign about me. And it`s not a campaign even about conservatives versus liberals, or Republicans versus Democrats. It`s really a time when Americans are going to have to ask what are we as a country," Romney said.