`New Delhi Master Plan will be made user-friendly`

Union Minister Kamal Nathsaid the New Delhi Master Plan will be made user-friendly and futuristic for the benefit of the common man.

New Delhi: Stressing for regulations which
are less "complicated", Union Minister Kamal Nath on Thursday said
the New Delhi Master Plan will be made user-friendly and
futuristic for the benefit of the common man.

"If we are making a Master Plan for the people, it should
be a Master Plan which any common man can understand. I have
no hesitation in saying this that we cannot have such a
provision in the Master Plan which I don`t understand, I don`t
know how other people will understand but I have had three
people explaining to me, it’s so complicated," the Urban
Development minister said.

Nath shared these views while he was speaking to people
about the ongoing review of the Master Plan for Delhi-2021 at
an event organised by PHDCCI.

"....And fifty pages later there us a provision which
undoes that (earlier provision). It’s not user friendly. Non
user friendly language and provisions will only perpetuate
inspector raj," he added.

The minister also said that Floor Area Ratio (FAR) laws
should be re-looked at to meet the growing needs of the city.

Nath said that he had spoken to civic officials of New
York about how they managed to build multi-storey buildings.

"They said FAR is not just a question of economy, it is linked
to development," he said referring to his conversations with
the American officials.

Nath said that the American officials told him that they
allowed higher FAR if people were building an amenity which
would benefit many and consequently develop the city further.

"If New York can have high rises, why can`t we?", Nath,
who had advocated vertical development for Delhi in the past,
asked. He, however, added that practical aspects have to be
looked into.

Speaking about the current review process of the Master
Plan for Delhi, Nath said that the planning process should
take into account not just the past or present but also the

"Our infrastructure has not catered to the older parts of
Delhi, it has not catered to the growth which we`ve had. It
has exceeded its carrying capacity whether its sewage, roads,
parking...," he said.

"Our ministry`s efforts, the DDA`s efforts are to ensure
that this revision is futuristic." Nath added.

Nath said that the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had
received 1,900 suggestions from individuals, RWA`s and other
organisations for the review of Master Plan for Delhi-2021,
and that these had been put up on the website of the civic

An apex committee, chaired by the Lieutenant General of
Delhi, with Secretary, Urban Development, Chief Secretary of
the Delhi government and the Vice-Chairperson of the DDA and
Delhi Chief Secretary as members, would examine these
suggestions before the Ministry reviews them, he said.

Apart from the apex committee, eleven management groups
had also been formed to look into the various aspects of the
Master Plan review, Nath said.

Planning for a city can only be done keeping in mind the
ground realities, the minister said.

"Now Delhi cannot be an industrial city. We cannot have
car manufacturing or steel manufacturing plants in Delhi.
Delhi can only have basic industry," Nath said, referring to
the national capital.