Olive oil: The healthiest fat is also harmful for you! Find out how

Known as the healthiest fat, olive oil has many overall health benefits. However, if used directly on the skin, the same can prove to be harmful.

Udita Madan

The health benefits provided by olive oil are unrivaled. In fact, olive oil is largely preferred over normal cooking oil, when it comes to food.

Olive oil is also known as the healthiest fat on Earth. It lowers heart disease risk, eliminates cardiovascular problems, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, helps prevent strokes, reduces breast cancer risk, etc.

But, just like a coin has two sides, olive oil has some harmful effects too. Although, it is good for overall health, the same may not hold true for your skin.

Many people use olive oil on their skin under the impression that it will make their skin healthy and glowing. Wrong! Contrary to such beliefs, olive oil can have the opposite effect on your skin.

Listed below are a few things that can happen if you use olive oil on your skin.

1. Acne:

Being a little thick in consistency, olive oil becomes difficult for the skin to absorb it wholly. It instead forms a layer on the skin and traps dust and sebum, leading to acne and pimples.

2. Skin rashes:

People with oily skin should shun the use of olive oil on the skin as it may result in excessive sebum secretion. This in turn may lead to problems including mild rashes, redness and itching.

3. Allergy:

If you are allergic to olive oil, it is advisable that you stay away from it as it can worsen to the extent of becoming fatal.

4. Do not use on newborns:

Using olive oil on your baby is inadvisable. You may not know if your baby is allergic to it or not. So, do not give your baby a massage with olive oil. Any skin problem will only make your newborn irritated.

5. Harmful for dry skin:

Olive oil contains oleic acid, which breaks the natural moisture and can therefore, be bad for people with dry skin.

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