No place of intolerance in the land of Buddha and Gandhi: Narendra Modi in UK

PM Modi told the British Parliament that India was the new bright spot of hope and opportunity.

No place of intolerance in the land of Buddha and Gandhi: Narendra Modi in UK

London: In his address to the British Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose government is battling allegations of intolerance from some political parties back in India, Thursday, said that "Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas" was a call for financial inclusion and also celebration of diversity. He added that it is the need for social harmony and a commitment to individual liberties and rights.

"This is the timeless ethos of our culture, this is the basis of our constitution and, this will be the foundation of our future,” Modi said in his address to the UK Parliament -- the first by an Indian Prime Minister.

While addressing a joint press conference with Britain Prime Minister David Cameron, Modi said that India is a land of Buddha and Gandhi and its culture does not accept anything that is against the basic social values.

"India does not accept intolerance even if it is one or two or three incidents. But for a country of 125 crore people whether it is significant or not, it does not matter. For us every incident is serious. We do not tolerate it.”

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"Law takes strong action and will continue to do so. India is a vibrant democracy which under Constitution provides protection all citizens, their lives and thoughts. We are committed to it," the Prime Minister added.

Modi UK visit sees business deals worth $14 bn

PM Modi's visit here has seen USD 14 billion worth of business deals inked by enterprises of the sides, including a USD 4.4-billion investment by Britain's OPG Power Ventures to add 4,200 MW capacity of new electricity generation in Tamil Nadu over the next few years.

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Among the two-dozen pacts and investment commitments acknowledged by Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and David Cameron was one by Merlin Entertainment to open the famed Madame Tussauds wax museum in New Delhi by early-2017 and another by Vodafone to invest $1.4 billion to support the Government of India's "Digital India" and "Make in India" initiatives.

India, UK sign civil nuclear deal

PM Modi told the British Parliament that India was the new bright spot of hope and opportunity as New Delhi and London signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement.

“The conclusion of the civil nuclear agreement is a symbol of our mutual trust and our resolve to combat climate change,” Modi said while issuing a joint statement along with British Premier David Cameron.

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"The agreement for cooperation in India's Global Centre for Clean Energy Partnerships will strengthen safety and security in the global nuclear industry," he said.

'Isolate those who harbour terrorists'

In a veiled reference to Pakistan, PM Modi said there should be a global resolve to "isolate" those who harbour terrorists and willingness to stand with nations that will fight them "honestly".

Addressing MPs in British Parliament's Royal Gallery, Modi, who is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the UK in 10 years, said the world must speak in one voice and act in unison to combat terrorism, calling it a "challenge of our times."

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