Cameron turns up the passion on UK election trail

British Prime Minister David Cameron hit back Sunday at critics who claim his re-election campaign lacks passion, insisting he has the will to win a knife-edge poll on May 7.

Ahead of election, Miliband says PM Cameron has squandered Britain's global clout

 Prime Minister David Cameron has squandered Britain`s influence by forging an inward-looking approach to international affairs that has left the world`s fifth largest economy isolated, opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband will say on Friday.

David Miliband bookies' favourite to become British PM

British opposition leader Ed Miliband was the bookmakers' favourite on Thursday to become prime minister after the May 7 General Election.

Former UK PM Major says Scottish nationalists risk destabilising Britain

Britain`s stability would be threatened if a future Labour government cut a deal with Scottish nationalists, John Major, the country`s former Conservative prime minister, will warn on Tuesday, saying "mayhem" and political blackmail would ensue.

Opposition leaders in TV clash three weeks before UK vote

The opposition parties vying for a role in Britain's next government went head-to-head in a crunch television debate three weeks from what promises to be the closest election in decades.

Tory manifesto warns of 'deport first, appeal later' policy

The Conservative Party manifesto for the May 7 general election has warned of a "deport first, appeal later" policy on illegal immigrants. A significant number of Indians are suspected of falling into this category.

Indian-origin schoolgirl stumps British PM with her question

It was not any of the hard-nosed journalists or politicians but a 10-year-old Indian-origin schoolgirl that has stumped the British Prime Minister on the campaign trail.

UK election uncertainty tops business concerns: Survey

British companies are chiefly concerned about uncertainties over next month`s general election leading to caution over investment, according to a survey published by accountancy firm Deloitte on Tuesday.

UK's Cameron pledges to expand Thatcher's home-buying scheme to woo voters

British Prime Minister David Cameron will use the launch of his party`s policy manifesto on Tuesday to woo voters with a "Conservative dream" that would allow more than 1 million poorer families to buy their own homes at a discount.

Cameron's party leads one pre-election UK poll, but others suggest race still tied

Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives have taken a six-point lead over the opposition Labour Party ahead of Britain`s May 7 election, an opinion poll showed on Monday, putting support for the centre-right party at a three-year high.

British PM Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour as UKIP falls: Poll

British Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives took a two percentage point lead over the opposition Labour Party as support for the UK Independence Party fell ahead of the May 7 general election, an Opinium survey showed.

British PM mocked for eating hot dog with knife and fork

 Britain`s Prime Minister David Cameron has been skewered in the middle of a tense election campaign -- for eating a hot dog with a knife and fork.

Tony Blair joins UK election fray with EU warning

 Former prime minister Tony Blair plunged into Britain`s general election fray on Tuesday, sounding a warning about the dangers of the country leaving the EU.

Polls hold clues on Britain`s election results

 With one month to go until Britain`s general election, experts are poring over opinion polls for clues about what will happen in the closest race in decades.

Hand kissing and hung Parliaments: How British elections work

  • London: Britain holds a general election on May 7 in which Prime Minister David Cameron`s Conservatives, senior partners in a coalition government since 2010, will seek enough support to govern alone.


`Chillaxing` Cameron fights for political life

British Prime Minister David Cameron is battling to win a second term in power that could define his legacy -- potentially as the man who led his country out of the European Union.

Uncertainty the only certainty a month before UK election

In one month, Britain votes in a general election likely to put the nail in the coffin of two party politics and herald an uncertain future of coalitions, alliances and horse-trading.

UK polls debate fails to yield any clear winners

 The only televised debate between British Prime Minister David Cameron, opposition leader Ed Miliband and five others yielded no clear winners, making it more difficult for pollsters to predict the outcome of next month's election.

Barack Obama hails historic deal on Iran nuke issue, Israel slams it
Barack Obama hails historic deal on Iran nuke issue, Israel slams it

US President Barack Obama has hailed the "historic understanding" reached between world powers and Iran over the framework of a deal on its contentious nuclear programme, even as Israel warned that it would threaten the Jewish state's survival.

Cameron, Miliband join seven-way UK election debate

British Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Ed Miliband face their one and only live television debate of the election campaign on Thursday, along with five others in a seven-way contest.