UK claims fresh evidence on Syria chemical weapons attack

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has overtly revealed that new evidences have been discovered which indicate that chemical weapons were used on August 21 in Syria.

Zee Media Bureau/Tarun Khanna

St Petersburg: Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has overtly revealed that new evidence have been discovered which indicate the use of chemical weapons in Damascus on August 21 by the authoritarian Bashar Al Assad regime in Syria.

The revelation came out during the UK Prime Minister’s visit to Russia in the G20 summit today.

A team of experts from the United Nations had earlier collected the samples from the site near Damascus, which were later sent for the laboratory tests.

According to Cameron, the laboratory tests prove that sarin nerve gas was used in the chemical attacks. The tests report may further compel the Russian President Vladimir Putin to take necessary action against the Assad’s regime.

Britain had withdrawn its support to the US for carrying out strikes in Syria against the chemical attacks.

The tests were carried out by British scientists at the Porton Down laboratories.

On August 21, the alleged chemical attack killed more than 1,400 people including many children. The attack was condemned globally.

The US has accused Assad’s regime for carrying out the chemical attacks. However, Syrian government has completely denied any such accusation and has blamed the rebels for such attacks.

Israel, which is one of the main allies of the US, had taken the responsibility of carrying out missile test in Mediterranean Sea along with the United States on August 3.

The Syrian government has also claimed that the country is well prepared for any attack. Moreover, Russia, earlier in the day, has prepared its Navy for possible US strike on Syria.

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