Oz legends poke fun at England`s `tofu` menu

London: England players have received a barrage of ridicule from Australian legends when it was revealed that that the summer Ashes champions plan to defend the urn in Australia on a diet of piri-piri breaded tofu, quinoa and cranberry breakfast bars and mungbean curry with spinach.

The health-conscious 80-page menu, which consists of almost 200 dishes, include pumpkin seed and goji berry breakfast bars or sandwiches filled with avocado, raw slaw and butterbean and a selection of juices - apple, kale and cucumber and beetroot, apple and ginger.

According to the Daily Express, however, the menu had former Australian Test stars sniggering and insisting it would provide plenty of ammunition for sledging, with former batsman Dean Jones saying that England has just set itself up for a nice little `whack between the ears`.

Former fast bowling great Merv Hughes quipped that he would `dry-retch` for the next three days if he is given to eat the foods on the menu, adding that he would rather choose a ham-and-pickle sandwich over the `fancy food` any day.

Hughes further said that England`s dietitian, fitness adviser and physiotherapist could back from the players and let them make some runs and take wickets.

Agreeing with the legends, Australian team nutritionist Michelle Cort also said that although she had also sent guidelines to opponents` venues on tour to ensure players received the right nutrients, they did not contain 82 pages.