Wayne Rooney gets death threat on Twitter

London: Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and his family were reportedly made the target of `vile` death threats on Twitter following United`s Premier League drubbing by arch-rivals Manchester City on Sunday.

Although Rooney scored United`s only consolation goal, it did not stop him from getting death threats by angry fans, who also targeted his wife Coleen and their two children Kai and Klay.

According to the Daily Star, a fan tweeted that he hopes that `something tragic` happened to Rooney, `his missus and the kids`, while other tweets slammed Rooney as an `ugly overpaid f***` and that they wanted to kill the star.

However, Rooney`s wife reportedly was unfazed after she replied as `another nob` to the threats concerning her and the children, although many other fans leapt to the couple`s defence and slammed the `sick` trolls.

Meanwhile, the report said that the culprits could face police action as specialist force IT experts monitor internet traffic, with a police source saying that social networking sites are not an excuse for people to say whatever they like to whoever they like.