Standing re-starts to be introduced by F1 following safety-car period from next season

London: Formula One is set to introduce standing re-starts, which is a part of a series of rule changes introduced by governing body the FIA, after a safety-car period from the next season.

Among the changes, the rules on noses would be changed to prevent the `anteater` noses that predominate in the current motorsport racing season.

According to the BBC, drivers gave mixed reactions to the re-start change when news of the plan was leaked at last weekend`s Austrian Grand Prix.

Ferrari`s Fernando Alonso said that he had no strong opinions, while current championship leader Nico Rosberg said that it was extreme.

Rosberg added that he understands the start is one of the most exciting times for the fans but it sounds very extreme so he is hoping that it does not happen.

Meanwhile, Formula One bosses feel that the current rolling starts behind a safety car do not provide sufficient excitement, because there is almost never any overtaking whereas a standing start increases the chances of drivers gaining or losing positions.

Red Bull`s Daniel Ricciardo, who won this month`s Canadian Grand Prix after a safety-car period, said that maybe it would be more exciting because there is a bit more variability, adding that if it goes to a standing start, the chances of not-a-great start are pretty high so one could go from first to even fourth.

Ricciardo also said that currently rolling starts are not too bad, as they bunch everyone up at least, adding that for spectators, a standing start would be better, but it is probably not the most fair idea.

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