Vettel not entirely happy with Red Bull’s performance

London: Defending Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel has said he is not entirely happy with the Red Bull’s performance this season despite topping the drivers’ standings after winning the Bahrain Grand Prix last Sunday.

Vettel confessed confidence is not what it used to be in the Red Bull’s camp, despite hitting the front again in this year`s Formula One world title race.

The reigning double world champion has found it difficult in a see-saw season so far in which no driver or car has dominated, in contrast to Vettel’s stranglehold last year.

“It`s a nice story to say we had the best car by far before. Yes, we had a very strong car, but sometimes we didn`t have the best car yet had strong weekends,” The Daily Mirror quoted Vettel, as saying.

“This year we`d have loved to be in a better place to start. Nevertheless, I think we`ve had good races. But it is tight and we`re not as confident as we used to be, so small things can make a difference in qualifying and have a big impact on the race,” he added.

Despite his win from pole in Bahrain, the 17th of his F1 career that elevates him up to joint fourth alongside Nigel Mansell in the sport`s history books, Vettel knows there is more to come.

“We`ve only had four races. I`m not entirely happy with where we are, but I think there`s great potential in the car,” Vettel said.

“You have to give yourself time to try different things and see what works best for you. Maybe Mark is struggling a bit less (this season), I don`t know, but we talk about how the car feels and agree on most stuff,” he added.