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UN chief urges India to take lead role on Afghan security

 UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged India Monday to help shore up stability in war-torn Afghanistan after the departure of US troops, saying the world was relying on South Asia`s powerhouse to play a lead role.

US-Afghan deal offers concessions for each: Aides

The United States will maintain exclusive legal jurisdiction over American soldiers and contractors in Afghanistan after 2014 as part of a draft US-Afghan security pact, congressional aides have said, providing details of an agreement that entails key concessions for each side.

Afghan forces take over nationwide security from NATO: Karzai

Karzai announced on Tuesday that Afghan forces have taken over the security responsibility for the entire country from NATO-led troops, finishing the transition process that began in 2011.

Afghan president favours security pact with US

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he favours a security agreement with America allowing some of its troops to remain after the end of 2014 but wants unspecified "guarantees."

Afghan security rescues Red Cross staff

A senior Afghan official says security forces have rescued seven foreigners working for the International Red Cross after an hour-long gun battle with insurgents at a guest house in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

‘Afghan-Afghan talks’ right way to move forward: US

Talks will be held in Paris later this week between representatives of the Taliban, the Afghan government and those from the Northern Alliance.

Taliban to confront a very strong Afghan force in 2014: NATO

NATO has said Taliban will miscalculate the situation if they think their situation will be better by the end of 2014.

Terror safe havens in Pak undermine Afghan security: US

The US has said that Islamabad continues to tolerate and abet insurgency in the war-torn country.

Afghan security situation alarming: ICRC

Instability and violence continue throughout
Afghanistan as the conflict passes the 10-year mark this week.

Security in Afghanistan has not improved: UN chief

The UN chief says security in Afghanistan has not improved and that roadside bombings soared 94% in the first four months of this year.