Former Yemen president Saleh says will not leave country

Former Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh said he would not leave the country in a post on his official Facebook page on Friday, contradicting reports in the Gulf Arab media that he sought a safe exit.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia discuss manoeuvres as Yemen battles rage

The UN Security Council on Tuesday imposed an arms embargo targeting the Iran-allied Houthi rebels who now control most of Yemen as battles in the south of the country intensified.

Air strikes kill eight civilians in Yemen: Source

Saudi-led air strikes targeting a military camp killed eight civilians in the central Yemeni city of Taiz on Sunday, a medical source said.

Heavy Saudi-led air strikes, ground combat shake southern Yemen

Heavy Saudi-led air strikes and ground combat between armed factions battered southern Yemen on Saturday, killing around 20 Iran-allied Houthi fighters and two rival militiamen, residents said.

Yemen`s Qaeda offers gold bounties for Huthi, Saleh

 Al Qaeda is offering a bounty of gold for the killing or capture of Yemen`s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Shiite rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Huthi, in a message posted online Wednesday.

Rebels push deep into Yemen`s Aden, Qaeda storms jail

Rebel forces penetrated deep into the former southern stronghold of Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi Thursday as al Qaeda freed hundreds of inmates in a jailbreak elsewhere in the chaos-hit country.

Yemen ex-strongman`s son `sacked as ambassador`

 The son of former Yemeni strongman Ali Abdullah Saleh, accused of backing a rebellion, has been sacked as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, officials said on Monday.

Two ships leaves Kochi to Djibouti Port to evacuate Indians in Yemen

India on Monday sent two passenger ships to Djibouti Port to evacuate Indians stranded in conflict-hit Yemen.

India sends plane to airlift citizens from Yemen

Air India on Monday flew its first flight to airlift hundreds of Indians stranded in the strife- torn Yemen, soon after the government decided to evacuate its citizens amid the chaotic situation in the Gulf country.

Houthi official says Yemen strikes will set off ''wide war''

  A senior leader of Yemen`s Houthi movement said on Thursday that Saudi air strikes amounted to an aggression against his country and warned they would set off a "wide war" in the region.

Ex-strongman seen pulling strings as Yemen rebels advance

 Three years after quitting Yemen`s presidency following a bloody protest crackdown, Ali Abdullah Saleh is seen as the man pulling the strings as rebels advance on his successor`s southern haven.

Loyalists of former Yemen ruler reject foreign intervention

Army officers loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, an ally of Yemen`s Houthi group, expressed "utter rejection" of any foreign intervention to end the country`s conflict, according to a statement carried on a website affiliated to Saleh.

Anti-government forces advance on southern Yemen

Anti-government forces advanced Tuesday toward President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi`s refuge of Aden in southern Yemen, fighting fierce battles with loyalist forces in which at least 30 people were killed.

UN extends sanctions on Yemen ex-leader, two Houthi rebels

The UN Security Council has extended sanctions on Yemen's former president and two leaders of the powerful Shiite Houthi rebels who control the capital and much of northern Yemen.

Western diplomats quit crisis-hit Yemen

Western governments evacuated their diplomats from Yemen on Wednesday as conflict deepened in the impoverished Saudi neighbour which has long been on the front line of the war against Al-Qaeda.

Yemen rebels set three-day deadline for power transfer

The Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen, currently controlling capital Sana`a gave a three-day ultimatum for power transfer, in order to resolve the crisis that has engulfed the country.

Shiite militia sets deadline to unravel Yemen crisis

A Shiite militia on Sunday set a three-day deadline for political parties to resolve the power vacuum in Yemen since the president and prime minister offered to resign last month.

Shiite militia seizes Yemen president's chief of staff

Shiite militiamen in control of Yemen's capital on Saturday seized President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi's chief of staff in a new challenge to his leadership of the violence-plagued country.

Bomb wounds six Shiite militiamen in Yemen capital

A bomb wounded six Shiite militiamen in the Yemeni capital today, a security official said, the latest in spate of attacks on the Huthi fighters who overran Sanaa in September.

Five bombs explode in Yemeni capital, killing one: Official

Five bombs exploded on Tuesday in Sanaa`s old quarter, where many supporters of the Shi`ite Muslim Houthi group live, killing at least one person and wounding another, a Yemeni security official said.