20 killed in Yemen sectarian clashes

At least 20 people were killed in sectarian clashes in Yemen, officials said Wednesday.

`Terror` tunnel found near Yemen ex-president home

Yemeni authorities are investigating a tunnel dug near ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh`s residence, the official news agency reported Tuesday, as his party charged it was an assassination plot.

18 `Qaeda` gunmen, 10 Yemeni soldiers killed in clashes

Ten Yemeni soldiers and 18 suspected Al-Qaeda militants were killed on Wednesday in confrontations in three provinces, security officials and the defence ministry said.

Yemen ceasefire breached as violence flares anew

Fierce clashes erupted between rebels and tribes backed by an army unit in a northern Yemeni city close to the capital today, breaching a week-old ceasefire, a Defense Ministry official said, as the country`s leaders said assailants were plotting to destabilize the country.

Restive Yemen hit by coup fears, clashes

Yemeni troops were surrounding a mosque controlled by ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh Sunday amid fears he is plotting a coup, days after the ex-strongman`s media outlets were silenced.

Yemen says security forces kill senior al Qaeda leader

Yemen`s security forces on Sunday killed a senior al Qaeda leader wanted for attacks on local and foreign targets in Sanaa, the Yemeni government said, after a raid near the capital in which at least four other militants died.

UN envoy urges Security Council action on Yemen

The United Nations envoy on Yemen urged the Security Council to "do its part" in helping stop those attempting to obstruct the Yemeni transition.

`Yemen troops use of schools endangering children`

Yemen already has the lowest rates of literacy in the Middle East and some of the lowest rates of school enrolment in the world.

Gunmen briefly seize security building in Yemen

Gunmen loyal to ousted Yemeni ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh seized a security building in the capital for a few hours before vacating it.

Yemenis rally for freedom for detained protesters

Thousands of Yemenis urged authorities to release 117 protesters arrested during the uprising against former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

21 al Qaeda militants killed in south Yemen

Yemeni government troops killed 21 al Qaeda fighters in the latest clashes in the country`s south.

Yemen troops capture al Qaeda stronghold

Al-Shaqra is the third city retaken from militants who had captured it more than a year ago.

Yemen: 17 al Qaeda fighters killed

The US considers al Qaeda`s Yemen branch to be the terror network`s most dangerous offshoot.

US drone strike kills 2 al Qaeda members in Yemen

In recent months, US drones have increased air raids in Yemen`s southern regions.

`Ali Abdullah Saleh to leave Yemen temporarily`

Former Yemeni president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, may travel next week, probably to the United Arab Emirates.

Yemen`s ousted leader blasts Arab Spring revolts

Yemen`s deposed leader says the Arab Spring revolts brought "destruction" to the nations in which they took place.

At least 8 militants killed in Yemen violence

At least 150 people have been killed in fighting and airstrikes since Monday.

Yemen`s main airport reopens day after attack

Supporters of former Yemeni leader Ali Abdullah Saleh attacked the airport on Saturday, shooting up a surveillance tower.

Yemen: Ex-president`s loyalists attack airport

Gunmen loyal to Yemen`s ousted president blasted buildings at the country`s main airport with anti-aircraft guns.

Yemen’s Prez sacks two Army chiefs close to Saleh

Yemen`s newly appointed President fired several old-regime figures and relatives of the former leader in a major shake-up of the country`s military.

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