Ukraine, rebels create buffer zone amid new casualties

Ukrainian troops and independence-seeking rebels have started establishing a weapon-free buffer zone to separate the areas they control from each other, the country's military said Monday.

Buffer zone agreed upon in Ukrainian peace talks

Sporadic artillery fire hit parts of eastern Ukraine today, hours after negotiators agreed to create a buffer zone between government troops and pro-Russian militants by halting their advances, pulling back heavy weapons and withdrawing foreign fighters.

Yemen Shiite rebels agree to end Sanaa clashes: Negotiators

Yemeni Shiite rebels agreed Friday to halt fighting with Islamists and troops just north of the capital that has killed dozens of people this week, negotiators linked to UN mediation said.

Outgunned: The Syria `moderate` rebels set for US aid

The "moderate" Syrian rebels Washington is set to throw its weight behind are a ragtag collection of outgunned factions weakened by a war on several fronts -- against the regime and jihadists.

Rebels advance in Syria's southern province

Armed militant groups, including Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, advanced in Syria's southern province of Qunaitera, as the Syrian troops stripped the rebels of key towns in the central province of Hama, activists said Saturday.

Kiev says rebels extend control of east Ukraine border to Azov Sea

The Ukrainian authorities acknowledged on Thursday that pro-Russian rebels had extended their control over territory on the eastern border with Russia to the Sea of Azov.

EU ready to 'review' sanctions on Russia if ceasefire holds: President
EU ready to 'review' sanctions on Russia if ceasefire holds: President

Brussels is "ready to review" new sanctions it plans to impose on Russia next week if a truce between pro-Moscow rebels and Kiev holds, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said Sunday.

Ukraine rebels still pushing for full independence after truce
Ukraine rebels still pushing for full independence after truce

Ukraine`s pro-Russian insurgents vowed on Saturday to push for independence after a truce with Kiev appeared to hand them de facto control of huge swathes of the ex-Soviet state`s economically-vital industrial east.

Counter rallies in Yemen as rebels vow more protests

Supporters of the Yemeni government and its opponents held huge rival rallies Friday in Sanaa, where tensions are escalating as Shiite rebels vow to intensify anti-government protests.

British secret service aided Nepal in torture of rebels: Book

Thomas Bell, a journalist who writes on Nepal for The Economist and other publications, has in his new book, "Kathmandu", accused British secret service MI6 of aiding Nepal authorities in the torture of Maoist rebels during the South Asian country’s civil war, a media report said Sunday.

Putin says Ukraine must enter 'substantial' talks with rebels

President Vladimir Putin insisted on Friday that Kiev must enter substantial talks with pro-Russian rebels amid a dramatic escalation of the fighting in Ukraine.

Philippine rebels burn light plane, warehouse

Suspected communist guerrillas burned a small plane used for aerial agricultural spraying and a warehouse near an airstrip in the southern Philippines in their latest attack, police said today.

Syria troops retake most of key Damascus suburb: NGO

Syrian government forces have retaken most of a key Damascus suburb they have been fighting for months to recapture from rebel forces, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Thursday.

568 Ukrainian troops killed in offensive against rebels

A total of 568 Ukrainian troops have been killed during four months of fierce fighting between government forces and pro-Russian rebels in the east of the country, the military said today.

Ukraine government loses 568 forces in rebel fighting: Military

A total of 568 Ukrainian government forces have been killed since fighting with pro-Russian separatists started in early May, a military spokesman said on Monday, a higher figure than earlier estimates.

Ukraine: Rebels fire at medical chopper, force emergency landing

Ukrainian forces said that rebels in the conflict-torn east had opened fire on a medical evacuation helicopter, injuring the three crew on board and forcing it to make an emergency landing.

Some Ukrainian rebels vent frustration with Putin

Western leaders may be Vladimir Putin`s biggest critics over the conflict in east Ukraine but the Russian leader is also facing criticism from some of the rebels they accuse him of arming.

13 including two children,killed in Ukraine rebel city clashes

Thirteen people including two children were killed today in fierce clashes in the key insurgent holdout of Gorlivka in east Ukraine where government troops are battling rebel fighters, local authorities said.

US discussing Russian aggression in Ukraine with India: Biswal

The United States is in touch with India over the alleged Russian aggression in Ukraine, a senior Obama Administration official has told lawmakers, who expressed concern over India`s close relationship with Moscow.

Syrian air strike kills 20 rebels on Lebanese border: Sources

A Syrian Air Force strike on the border with Lebanon killed around 20 Syrian rebel fighters on Friday, security sources said, in the latest spillover of violence into the area.