Syrian troops advance in Aleppo, kill 26 rebels

At least 26 rebel fighters were killed Sunday by the Syrian troops in the northern province of Aleppo, a monitoring group said.

Syria rebels battle to keep key Aleppo hill: Monitor

Twenty-one rebels and nine members of Syria's regime forces were killed north of Aleppo on Sunday in fierce fighting for control of a key insurgent supply route, a monitor said.

Sudan troops beat back rebel attacks in Kordofan, kill 50: Army

Sudanese troops repelled rebel attacks on two villages in the war-torn South Kordofan region, killing 50 insurgents and losing four of their own men, the army has said.

Ukraine rebels hinder border monitors as new armed columns appear

International monitors deployed along the Russian border in eastern Ukraine say their drones were shot at and jammed days before new columns of unmarked soldiers and weapons, said by the West to be Russian, were seen in the rebel-held territory this week.

Ukraine rebels strengthen as shelling rocks stronghold Donetsk

Artillery fire rocked east Ukraine`s rebel stronghold of Donetsk on Sunday as separatists appeared to be reinforcing their frontline and fears grew of a return to all-out fighting.

Ukraine rebels bolster frontline as shelling rocks stronghold

Armoured convoys headed to bolster rebel positions in east Ukraine Sunday as shelling rocked separatist stronghold Donetsk and fears mounted of a return to full-scale fighting.

South Sudan truce already broken, rebels claim

South Sudan`s rebels on Saturday accused government forces of attacking their positions, just hours after the two sides promised an immediate halt to their nearly 11-month-old civil war.

Al-Qaeda kills `dozens` as rebels reject new Yemen government

Al-Qaeda claimed Saturday it killed dozens of Shiite rebels in Yemen and tried to assassinate the US ambassador, as the rebels rejected a new government announced for the strife-torn country.

Rebels accuse South Sudan army of breaking truce deal hours after signing

 South Sudanese rebels accused the government on Saturday of violating their latest ceasefire deal, just hours after both sides pledged to end almost a year of fighting.

Last MH17 victims may never be recovered, as Ukraine battles continue

The remains of the last victims of flight MH17 may never be recovered from the Ukrainian battlefield where their plane was shot down four months ago, the Dutch foreign minister said Saturday, as fighting rumbled on in the east of the country.

Al Qaeda group seizes villages from Syrian rebels

Syrian activists say al-Qaeda-linked fighters have captured at least three villages from Western-backed rebels in the country's northwest as the militants continue their push to assert control over an area once held by more moderate groups.

Ukraine rebels say more remains found at MH17 site

Rebel separatists in east Ukraine on Friday said that more human remains have been found at the crash site of a Malaysia Airlines plane that was brought down in July.

Ukraine imposes passport controls around rebel area

 Ukraine announced Thursday that anyone crossing in or out of areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country will have to show a passport.

Ukraine to halt subsidies to rebel-held areas

Ukraine will freeze budget subsidies for the eastern territories controlled by pro-Russian separatists, the prime minister today announced a move that could worsen the already grievous economic conditions there.

Three dead as Yemen's Shiite rebels attack Sunni party HQ

Three people were killed in clashes triggered by a Shiite rebel attack on the headquarters of Yemen's Sunni Al-Islah party in the southwestern city of Ibb, security sources said today.

Yemen rebels set 10-day deadline for new government

A Shiite rebel leader in Yemen warned President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi on Friday to form a new government within 10 days or a "national salvation council" would take its place.

UN, EU condemn rebel vote in Ukraine

The United Nations and the EU on Wednesday warned that plans to hold separatist leadership polls in east Ukraine at the weekend would undermine peace efforts, as rebels launched early voting on the internet.

Airstrikes kill 16 in rebel Syrian town: Activists

Syrian activists say that government airstrikes on a rebel-held town have killed at least 16 people.

Rebels kill 30 people in East Congo, official says

Rebels crept into houses and attacked civilians, killing at least 30 people around the town of Beni in eastern Congo, a local mayor said Thursday.

Yemen PM appointment rejected by rebels holding capital

- Yemen`s president appointed a new prime minister on Tuesday as part of a deal with Shi`ite Muslim fighters who control the capital to start leaving the city, but they rejected the nomination and vowed to resist the move.