Fastest athletes deliver forceful ground punch for speed

Know the secret behind the world's faster sprinter Usain Bolt's mind-boggling speed? The forceful punch to the ground with his foot as he starts to run and disappears in a jiffy.

Heat strokes likelier to be life-threatening for long distance runners

A study has revealed that heat strokes are ten times more life-threatening than cardiac events for runners in races over 10 km.

Commonwealth Games 2014: Google celebrates with doodle

Google celebrates the opening ceremony of one of the largest multi-sports event, Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow with a doodle on its homepage.

Amitabh Bachchan sponsors training of two women athletes

Amitabh Bachchan, who is a United Nations Ambassador for the girl child, has sponsored the coaching of two women athletes who will represent the country at global platforms.

Why athletes likelier to need pacemakers during old age

A new research from the University of Manchester has found as to why athletes are more likely to have abnormal heart rhythms.

Dolphins 10 times stronger than fittest human athletes

Refuting Gray`s paradox that dolphins do not have sufficient muscle power for obtaining high speeds and accelerations and must use a trick of fluid mechanics, researchers have found that dolphins are in reality stronger than the fittest human athletes.

Brief steroids use can enhance athletes’ performance for decades

A new study suggests that athletes who use steroids even for a very brief period of time could have long-lasting effects later in their performance.

Post-run ice baths don’t ease athletes` discomfort

A new study has found that the popular post-workout regimen used by athletes that involves dunking in a tub of ice water after exercise is not beneficial at all.

Despite tension, North Korea lets in tourists, athletes

North Korea hosted athletes from around the world for an international marathon held as part of celebrations for late President Kim Il Sung`s birthday on Monday.

`Jocks beat bookworms on brain test`

Athletes and sports-person have better developed cognitive functions than the average university students, according to a new perception study.

Olympians live 3 years longer, says study

The Olympians live longer, nearly three years longer, than the general population, regardless of the country of origin, the category of medals or specific sport, a study said.

London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics: Google`s latest doodle

Friday`s theme is on London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is also the fifteenth day of the biggest sporting event.

Most Olympic athletes suffer from asthma

Asthma and airway hyper-responsiveness are the most common chronic conditions among Olympic athletes.

Bananas `better than sports drinks for athletes`

Bananas beat sports drinks as energy source for athletes, a new study has revealed.

Why athletes can tolerate more pain

It`s believed that athletes can tolerate more pain than other people.

Warm-up `enhances performance`

Performing a warm-up using just body weight can improve performance during exercise.

Green tea could aid athletes hide testosterone doping

Green tea could inadvertently help athletes who dope on testosterone as it has been found to mask the hormone`s presence in urine testing.

Protein drinks of no use to athletes

A study has claimed that protein-based sports drinks do not improve or give any benefit to athletic performance.

Protein drinks of no use to athletes

While many carbohydrate drinks are often appropriate for individuals keen to enhance their performance, claims that protein can be of similar benefit are simply not supported by firm scientific evidence," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

AFI inquiry report on doping scandal in one month

The internal probe panel, set up
by the Athletics Federation of India, into the doping scandal
will submit its report within one month, one of the committee
members said on Friday.