Listening to personalised music during workout increases cardiac rehab by 70%

If you use personalised music playlist with temp-pace synchronization during work-out, then your adherence to cardiac rehab increases by 70 perecent, claims a new study.

Diet, exercise, emotional intelligence combo required for `good leaders`

Diet, exercise and emotional intelligence is a critical combination required for to be good and effective leaders, claims a new study.

Dance classes may not provide kids with ample exercise

Sending your kids to a dance class may not compensate for their daily exercise requirements as researchers have found that most youth dance classes provide only limited amounts of physical activity.

Even modest exercise good for the elderly

 Even modest and regular exercise is good for the elderly as it decreases the risk of death among them, a new study says.

30 minutes of exercise is key to health in old age

Elderly men who do 30 minutes of physical activity six days a week are likely to have a 40-percent lower risk of death compared to couch-potato counterparts, researchers said Friday.

Keep smartphone away as you run on treadmill

Using smartphones as you run or walk on the treadmill lowers the intensity of the exercise, resulting in overall less health benefits, says a study.

Diet and exercise can prevent muscle loss in old age

A new study has revealed that diet supplementation combined with exercise training is very effective in preventing muscle loss especially in old age.

Revitalise skin with water, exercise

Stay hydrated, exercise regularly and follow skin care regime religiously to protect skin from getting damaged.

Walking or cycling to work can help you lose weight

Using public transport, cycling or walking, instead of driving to work, could help people shed pounds, a new study has found.

Mouth, tongue exercises can curb your noisy 'snores'

To all the nose noise makers of the night! A new study has found that you can control your snores with help of mouth and tongue exercises.

Diet or exercise, what cuts diabetes risk?

Though people often think of the benefits from exercise, calorie restriction and weight loss as interchangeable, they may all actually offer distinct and cumulative benefits when it comes to managing Type-2 diabetes risk, says new research.

Summer Special: Top five tips to keep you cool during workout

Salome Phelamei

Exercise and physical activity are essential part of life in order to stay fit and healthy.

But exercising in hot and humid weather can take a toll on you, if not planned carefully.

Green tea with exercise daily may reverse Alzheimer's

A compound found in green tea and voluntary exercise slow the progression of Alzheimer`s disease and may even reverse its effects, a new research has found.

Exercise key to healthy brain among the ageing

Physical activities such as walking helps older adults lessen age-related decline in brain structure, says a new research.

'Physical exercise along with a proper diet can help maintain a healthy weight'

Dr Veena Aggarwal, Head, R&D and Technical Services, VLCC Health Care Ltd, talked to Salome Phelamei of Zee Media Corp, on how eating better, being more physically active can help a person avoid being overweight and to stay healthy.

New automated treadmill mimics the experience of running outdoors

A team of researchers have developed a new treadmill that automatically changes speed to match the pace of the runner.

Scientists identify six types of obese people

 UK scientists have identified six types of obese people in a new study which could revolutionise how doctors treat the overweight.

Muscle-building pills can cause testicular cancer

 Beware of those muscle-building pills and powders for a perfect shape. Alarming research shows that men who took muscle-building supplements reported a significantly higher risk of developing testicular cancer than men who did not take those.

Extra salt won't help endurance athletes

Contrary to the popular belief, researchers have found that consuming higher quantities of salt or other electrolyte supplements containing sodium is not linked to better performance of endurance athletes.

Look slimmer with this new app

A new smartphone app promises to make you slimmer and smarter and that too without any interventions in your workout schedule!