HIV drug can block macular degeneration among older people

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: In a key discovery, researchers have shown that an anti-HIV drug can help treat age-related macular degeneration among the elderly.

Scientists find new cause of age-related blindness

Scientists have revealed that they have a found a new cause that is one of the major factors behind age-related blindness.

New insight into age-related blindness

There could soon be new treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the major causes of blindness, as researchers have identified a new protein intimately connected to the disease.

EyeCane enables the blind to 'hear' obstacle distance

The low-tech White Canes widely used by the visually impaired may soon become a thing of the past as researchers have now developed an electronic travel aid that enables the blind to hear and feel distance information from different directions.

iPad app detects signs of glaucoma in Nepal patients

Using an iPad-based app, a team of researchers from the US has successfully detected early signs of glaucoma in nearly 200 patients in Nepal.

Retina protein could prevent blindness

A protein found in the retina plays an essential role in the function and survival of light-sensing cells that are required for vision, researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, have found.

Stem cell treatment may harbor blindness cure

A new study has revealed that stem cell treatment may be helpful in treating blindness.

Cure for glaucoma in sight

A cure is now in sight for the dangerous eye disease glaucoma, which is a leading cause of irreversible blindness, says a new study.

New oral medication may help cure blindness: Study

Scientists have revealed that a new oral medication is showing significant progress in restoring vision to patients with Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA).

Poor brain function leads to glaucoma: Study

Glaucoma is one of the world`s leading causes of irreversible blindness. Now, scientists have discovered that the brain controls the cellular process that leads to glaucoma and not the eye.

New hope for sufferers of age related eye disease

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have made a major breakthrough which could help sufferers of the eye disease Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), that can cause central blindness in sufferers.

Injecting cosmetic fillers into forehead can cause permanent blindness

A new study suggests that injecting fillers into the forehead to remove wrinkles could lead to permanent blindness.

Long hours on smartphones may affect eyesight

A woman in China, who spent many hours peering at her smartphone in the dark, found that her right retina had become detached.

Indian origin UK doctor discovers new cornea layer

In a breakthrough that could help cure for blindness due to glaucoma, an Indian origin doctor in the UK has discovered an ultra-thin cornea layer in the eye.

Make eye tests a must for diabetics

The government must make eye tests compulsory for diabetics to prevent growing blindness in India, a leading doctor told an ophthalmology convention that ended here Sunday.

Man goes blind after using herbal eye drops

A Thai man whose sight was affected due to an accident has lost his vision after using herbal medicine.

Being in dark for short period could help improve hearing

Researchers have long known that very young brains are malleable enough to re-wire some circuits that process sensory information.

Dead people`s eyes may enable blind to see world

Researchers have suggested that cells taken from the donated eyes of dead people may be able to give sight to the blind.

Probability of glaucoma blindness halved in 30 years

Better diagnosis and new therapies have helped decrease the probability of blindness due to glaucoma by nearly half since 1980, says a study.

Experimental gene therapy improves sight in patients with rare sight disorder

Doctors helped two men suffering from progressive blindness to help regain some of their vision with the help of an experimental gene therapy.