Blue-eyed people more likely to become alcoholics

People with blue eyes might have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics, according to an interesting new study.

Night-time contact lenses can prevent myopia in kids

 Night-time contact lenses can prevent myopia in kids

London: Wearing soft contact lenses at night which re-shape the eyes could prevent children from becoming short-sighted, scientists have found.

Why your eyes sting, turn red while swimming in pools

A new report has recently clarified a long-standing misconception that eyes go red and stingy after swimming because of urine and not chlorine.

Let it all out: 6 reasons why crying is good for your health!

Ritu Singh

''What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul''

Karanvir Bohra eyes production
Karanvir Bohra eyes production

 Actor Karanvir Bohra says the next step in his career in showbiz would be production and acting in his venture.

Unlock the smartphone with your iris
Unlock the smartphone with your iris

The number-pattern code to unlock your smartphone is long passe. The new device on the block would scan your iris before it provides you access.

People lie only when they can save their face

People are likely to cheat on a task in favour of their self-interest only when the situation provides them enough room to save their face, says a study.

Now biometric ATM to operate on retina recognition

Now with the new biometric ATM, you won't need a card but you will be withdraw money just by your eyes.

Health benefits of custard apple

Custard apple is a sub-tropical fruit and is known by different names across the globe. 

Five lesser known health benefits of turnip

Turnips are root vegetables. They belong to the family of  Brassicaceae which is basically the family of green vegetables like cabbage, kale, brussel-sprouts, etc.

How applying eyeliner can lead to vision problems

Love to highlight your eyes with liner? You may need to be careful, as a new study claims that eyeliner application on the inner eyelid can contaminate the eye causing vision related problems.

Oil prices slip as market eyes possible Iran deal

Oil prices dipped Monday as traders eyed talks between Iran and global powers that could ease international sanctions on one of the world`s leading oil producers.

US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for May delivery shed 19 cents to $48.68 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Can daylight in schools protect eyesight of kids?

A century-old belief that high daylight levels in schools could prevent short sight or myopia may be true even today, suggests a study.

Scientists create night vision eyedrops

Researchers in the US have used special kind of eye drops to give a man temporary night vision, allowing him to see over 50 metres in the dark.

Now, turn your brown eyes blue with new laser technique
Now, turn your brown eyes blue with new laser technique

The crazy-sounding idea of being able to turn your brown eyes blue is actually a reality, with a procedure developed over two decades that uses a laser now in human testing.

Multi-tasking eyes: boon or bane?

Our eyes are drawn to several dimensions of an object - such as colour, texture, and luminance - even when we need to focus on only one of them, says a new research.

Our eyes 'see' what they want

Even when we need to focus on just one dimension of an object, our eyes tend to take not of several others like color, texture, and luminance, whether we want to or not, says a new research.

14 patients developed infection after cataract operation'

Fourteen patients from Panipat in Haryana have developed "serious infection" in their eyes after undergoing cataract operation.

Dragonflies see world in multicolour

Dragonflies may have the best vision in the animal kingdom as their eyes have up to 30 different types of light sensitive proteins, a new study has found.

Know why eating banana is good for health!

Banana is a fruit which is loved by all and good for health.