Health benefits of apricot

Apricot is the yellowish-orange fruit that belongs to the family of peaches, nectarines, plums and cherries. The fruit is easily available and can be consumed in both fresh as well as dried form. Fresh apricots contain a plenty supply of vitamin C.

Skull and bones found in Odisha's Ganjam district

A skull and bones, believed to belong to a four-year-old girl allegedly kidnapped about a fortnight ago, were seized from Santoshpur in Odisha's Ganjam district, police said on Wednesday.

Exercising three hours a week can help reduce arthritis pain

A new study has revealed that arthritis patients can beat their agonizing pain by exercising three hours a week.

Now, ultrasound can penetrate bones, metals
Now, ultrasound can penetrate bones, metals

In a major breakthrough, researchers have developed a technique that allows ultrasound to penetrate bones and metals.

Only two bones identifiable in Mexico massacre: official

Mexico`s attorney general downplayed chances Monday of ever identifying charred remains attributed to the suspected massacre of 43 students, saying only two bones were salvageable for DNA tests.

Mindy Cohn to guest star on 'Bones'

'Facts of Life' star Mindy Cohn has been tapped to guest star in Fox's 'Bones'. Cohn will play Daisy's New Age-focused doula, reported Entertainment Wise.

Beware! Cigarette substitutes bad for bones

Are you trying e-cigarettes or other nicotine replacement therapies to overcome addiction to cigarette smoking? Be warned, as they are not as safe as you might have assumed, said a study.

NASA Curiosity Rover photographs `bizarre` bone-like object on Mars

In an unusual incident, new images from NASA Mars Curiosity Rover have shown a presence of bone-like object on Mars, after dinosaurs and UFO sightings.

BP pills not the reason for falling, fracturing bones

A new study has recently revealed that people taking intensive blood pressure medication are not prone to falling and breaking bones.

Health Benefits of Yellow Summer Squash

This yellow-coloured mild and watery vegetable called the `Yellow Summer Squash` is in the form of squash which is different from the `yellow crookneck squash`.

Top five superfoods for strong bones

Our bones, which provide support for our bodies and help form our shape need to be taken care of as we age, particularly after the years of 30.

Nature-inspired stronger materials a game-changer?

Drawing inspiration from the structure of bones and bamboo, researchers have created stronger, tougher materials that can be customised for a wide variety of applications - from body armour to automobile parts.

Feeling drowsy during the day? Check your bones

If you often feel sleepy during the day, chances are that your bones may also be fragile. Researchers have found that orexin proteins - blamed for spontaneous daytime sleepiness - also play a crucial role in bone formation.

Japan realtor finds boxes of bones on doorstep

Two neatly sealed boxes of human bones -- one containing a skull -- have been left on the doorstep of a real estate agent in Japan, police and reports said today.

Silk-based surgical implants could help heal broken bones

Researchers have developed surgical plates and screws which may not only offer improved bone remodeling following injury, but can also be absorbed by the body over time, eliminating the need for surgical removal of the devices.

Marriage at 25 or older good for men`s bones

Researchers at UCLA have suggested that marriage is good for the health of men`s bones, but only if they marry when they`re 25 or older.

New spacesuit `squeezes` astronauts` bones into shape

Researchers have created a new spacesuit, which will help keep astronauts` posture in check, while they are in space.

Coming, bone substitute without toxins

A team of researchers at National Polytechnic Institute (NPI) in France, have found that Hydroxylapatite - medullar component of the bone - when obtained synthetically and `giving` it some characteristics, could be used as a bone substitute.

Five reasons why antidepressants are bad for you

Using antidepressants may help in treating major depressive disorder and other mental illnesses such anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, etc.

New bio patch can regrow bones

Indian-origin scientists have developed a revolutionary new bio patch which can regrow missing or damaged bones from within the body.