DNA: Chilling reality- Innocence dead as Gaza kids hold guns to celebrate victory

Israel and Gaza's ruling Hamas agreed Tuesday to an open-ended ceasefire after seven weeks of fighting. Amid celebration, cameras captured the harsh reality of the war in the pictures which shows two small boys holding guns.

Children in Gaza out on the streets after Israel, Hamas ceasefire

Amid celebration, cameras captured the harsh reality of the war that battered Gaza for seven weeks in one chilling image. Two small boys, mouths open wide, hold up guns, not toys, one with an empty magazine.

Smart guns that think, identify voice before shooting!

In an effort to reduce gun violence, suicides and accidental shootings in the US and other countries, a German company Armatix has invented `iP1` - the first smart gun.

`Kalashnikov repented AK-47 invention before death`

Six months before his death last December, legendary gun designer and inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, Mikhail Kalashnikov, wrote a letter of repentance to the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill I.

American arms company refuses to supply guns to Pakistan

A US-based arms company has turned down a multi-million offer to supply high-tech guns to Pakistan, arguing that these weapons might end up being used against American soldiers.

Please do not bring in guns: Starbucks tells customers

US coffee giant Starbucks is asking armed customers to leave their guns at the door, but not banning firearms outright.

P. Diddy`s $500k car searched for guns

P. Diddy`s car was allegedly pulled over and searched by armed police officers on Wednesday after someone called 911 and claimed that there was a person with a gun in the car.

Online registry of gun licenses to come up soon in Kanpur

To identify people with criminal cases who have procured licensed weapons after providing false addresses, a re-verification drive would soon be conducted in Kanpur.

Seventy guns found buried near CPI(M) office in West Midnapore

Seventy guns were found buried in the bank of a canal near a CPI(M) party office at Ennayatpur village in West Midnapore district on Wednesday, police sources said.

Six held for gun-running in Delhi, Haryana

A former constable of the CRPF was among six men arrested here for illegally supplying sophisticated guns in Delhi and Haryana.

Chinese teacher carries AK-47 to class

A teacher at a Chinese university has become an internet sensation after photographs showed him carrying real guns, including an AK-47, to a class, a media report said Monday.

US court says illegal immigrants can`t have guns

A US Court of Appeals ruled that illegal immigrants have only limited protection under the Constitution.

Two guns with live cartridges recovered from bags

Police suspect that the bags were left behind by two
persons aspiring to join a security agency.

Zoe Saldana loves working with guns

American actress Zoe Saldana enjoys working with guns and respects the weapons, as she has grown up with it.

Bin Laden had guns in his room: US official

The official said US commandos encountered only one man who was armed.

Guns at home pose risk to women, children

Guns at home pose a deadly risk to women and children.

Omelettes and stunts for Bhopal`s wonder boys

Daring teens of Bhopal have made the city proud through a popular TV show.

Swiss vote to keep army guns at home

Switzerland, which has the highest
rate of suicide by firearms in Europe, voted today to hold
fast to its long-standing tradition of letting citizens keep
army-issue weapons at home.

It`s natural for girls to play with dolls and boys to like guns

Girls like to play with dolls and boys love guns because they`re programmed to do so.

More US states allowing guns in bars and restaurants

There are concerns that armed citizens would make the environment dangerous.