Turkey votes to extend military action mandate in Syria, Iraq

Turkey's parliament has voted to extend for another year a mandate that allows the military to combat Islamist jihadists and Kurdish militants in neighbouring Syria and Iraq, as the country battles its biggest ever security crisis.

Death of Aylan kurdi: Distraught father of drowned boy pours his heart out
Death of Aylan kurdi: Distraught father of drowned boy pours his heart out

As the entire world wept over the haunting photograph of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian kid whose body was washed ashore, his heartbroken father fought tears to recount how his boat capsized after the driver jumped into water and escaped.

Relatives of US personnel in southern Turkey can leave

The United States on Thursday encouraged the families of troops and diplomats stationed in southern Turkey to leave the country as it ramps up efforts in the fight against Islamic State jihadists.

My children slipped through my hands: Father of drowned Syrian boy
My children slipped through my hands: Father of drowned Syrian boy

 The father of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body was washed up on a Turkish beach, an image that shocked the world, said Thursday his children "slipped through my hands" as their boat was taking in water en route to Greece.

Turkey skeptical Bangkok bomb suspects are Turks

 Turkey expressed skepticism on Thursday over reports that its nationals were involved in the August 17 bombing of a Bangkok landmark that killed 20 people, as Thai authorities reported finding a "suspicious fluid" during a raid at a third home linked to suspects in the attack.

Turkey arrests 'four traffickers' over migrant toddler's death

Turkish authorities have arrested four suspected traffickers over the deaths of 12 Syrian migrants in two boat sinkings, including a three-year-old boy whose image became a viral symbol of the tragedy of refugees, a report said on Thursday.

Two Vice News journalists freed from Turkish jail

Two Vice News journalists who were arrested in Turkey on terror-related charges have been released from jail, a Turkish government official said on Thursday.

Roadside bomb kills four police in southeast Turkey

Kurdish militants set off a roadside bomb that killed four Turkish police officers as they travelled in an armoured vehicle in the southeast of the country on Thursday, officials said.

Syrian boy, 3, lying dead on Turkish beach: A picture that moved the world
Syrian boy, 3, lying dead on Turkish beach: A picture that moved the world

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one demands trillions of tears.

Twelve Syrians drown heading from Turkey to Greek island

An image of a drowned toddler washed up on the beach in one of Turkey`s prime tourist resorts swept across social media on Wednesday after at least 12 presumed Syrian refugees died trying to reach the Greek island of Kos.

Turkish jets target PKK, state media says 20 militants killed

Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdistan Workers` Party (PKK) positions in southeast Turkey on Wednesday after one soldier was killed in the area, the army said, and state media reported 20 militants were killed in the air strikes.

'Eleven migrants drown heading from Turkey to Greek island'

 At least 11 migrants believed to be Syrians drowned as two boats sank after leaving southwest Turkey for the Greek island of Kos, Turkey`s Dogan news agency reported on Wednesday.

Greek police find large weapons stash on Libya-bound ship

A large weapons stash was discovered Tuesday on a cargo ship off the Greek island of Crete, a police source said, with initial information suggesting it sailed from Turkey and was headed for Libya.

Erdogan`s gamble may not solve Turkey poll impasse

Less than five months after the last legislative elections, Turks on November 1 will vote again in one of the biggest gambles of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan`s political career. 

Turkish court arrests British reporters on `Islamic State terror` charges

A court in Turkey`s Kurdish-dominated southeast Monday remanded in custody on terror charges two British journalists working for US-based media outlet Vice News, in a case that has sparked fresh concern about press freedoms.

Philistines brought opium to Israel during Iron Age
Philistines brought opium to Israel during Iron Age

Opium poppy, along with many other plant species previously unknown to Israel, were brought to Israel by Philistines during the Iron Age.

17-year-old migrant killed in shootout at sea with Greek police

A 17-year-old migrant was killed during a shootout at sea between Greek port police and human smugglers, the government said late Saturday.

Turkish jets join US-led coalition strikes on Islamic State

Turkish jets took part in US-led coalition air strikes against Islamic State in Syria for the first time on Friday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

Thai police charge foreign man over Bangkok bombing, likely to be 'Turkish national'

 Thai police on Saturday charged a foreign man over last week`s deadly Bangkok bombing, the first arrest connected to an attack that has rattled the junta-run kingdom and damaged its tourist-haven reputation.

In first, headscarf-wearing woman named minister in Turkey

 For the first time in the history of Turkey, a Muslim but secular country, a woman who wears an Islamic headscarf has been named as a government minister.