Angela Merkel slams `vile` violent protests against refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned "vile" violent demonstrations against refugees at the weekend, her spokesman said Monday, amid criticism she has failed to forcefully address anti-migrant sentiment.

Swedish tolerance under question as attacks on migrants rise

A series of attacks in Sweden on beggars, many Roma, has highlighted a dark side to a country considered a bastion of tolerance but where the far right has been gaining support by claiming society is under threat from waves of immigrants.

'Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to US..,' says Sarah Palin
'Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to US..,' says Sarah Palin

While US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump's remarks on illegal immigration might have shocked many and forced even Republicans to distance themselves from his “offensive” comments, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin continued to stand by him.

Dominicans, Haitians stage US rallies over immigration

Controversy surrounding the Dominican Republic`s deportation of Haitians trickled into the United States on Wednesday as two groups staged parallel protests in Miami over the situation.

Illegal immigrants in Britain to face eviction

 Immigrants living in Britain illegally will face eviction from rental properties under new laws to be included in a new immigration bill, the media reported on Monday.

One dead as 1,500 migrants try to storm Eurotunnel terminal again: French police
One dead as 1,500 migrants try to storm Eurotunnel terminal again: French police

At least 1,500 migrants desperate to reach England made new attempts to enter the Eurotunnel terminal overnight in the French port town of Calais, a police source told a news agency on Wednesday, adding that one person was found dead.

Edward Snowden filmmaker sues US govt over border stops

Filmmaker Laura Poitras, whose documentary about fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden won an Oscar, is suing the US government to find out why she was repeatedly detained at immigration checkpoints.

US has to grow faster, fairer: Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton has said that the United States needs to grow both faster and fairer, a day ahead of the unveiling of her economic policies for the world's largest economy.

Hillary Clinton jabs Republicans on immigration
Hillary Clinton jabs Republicans on immigration

 Democratic frontrunner presidential candidate Hillary Clinton attacked her Republican rivals on immigration saying they are on a "spectrum of hostility" that was really regrettable in a nation of immigrants like America.

Hillary Clinton speaks out for immigration reform
Hillary Clinton speaks out for immigration reform

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said here in a speech to a major Hispanic organisation that her commitment to immigration reform includes a path to citizenship for the undocumented.

Facing uphill fight in Iowa, Jeb Bush makes his case
Facing uphill fight in Iowa, Jeb Bush makes his case

Facing an uphill battle in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Wednesday urged conservatives to accept his more welcoming position on immigration as a way to increase their chances of winning the White House in 2016.

Three years` jail for death of Turkish-German heroine

A German court on Tuesday jailed an 18-year-old man for three years over the death of a young German-Turkish woman who became a national heroine for giving her life trying to protect two teenage girls.

Anti-migrant protests in Myanmar`s troubled Rakhine

Buddhist hardliners backed by monks protested in Myanmar`s troubled Rakhine state Sunday against help being offered to desperate migrants found adrift on boats in the Bay of Bengal.

14,000 South Sudanese flee to Sudan in two weeks: UN
14,000 South Sudanese flee to Sudan in two weeks: UN

Some 14,000 South Sudanese, mostly women and children, have fled their country`s civil war to Sudan in the past fortnight, creating an "emergency within an emergency," the UN refugee agency warned Saturday.

Canada offers to take in jailed Saudi blogger Badawi

Canada offered Friday to take in Raif Badawi, a jailed Saudi blogger who faces flogging, listing him as a priority immigrant on humanitarian grounds so that he might rejoin his family already living here.

Obama says will keep pushing to fix US immigration system

President Barack Obama said on Monday he is frustrated by U.S. federal court rulings that have stalled his immigration executive orders and will continue to push to fix the system.

Hungary`s anti-immigration campaign sparks controversy

New anti-immigration billboards put up by the Hungarian government have sparked political controversy, with the head of a small opposition party admitting on Monday that he had vandalised the state-funded posters.

France deports father of Islamist gunman Merah to Algeria

France on Friday deported the Algerian father of an Islamist who gunned down French soldiers and Jewish children in a 2012 killing spree, police sources said.

Tourism industry alarmed over new South African visa policy

South Africa on Monday rolled out tough new visa regulations requiring children travelling into the country to carry unabridged birth certificates, a move that industry experts predict will badly damage the tourism sector.

Danes talk tough on immigration ahead of election

"Unwanted" and "uncivilised" -- foreigners are sometimes shocked by the blunt tone of Denmark`s debate on Muslim immigration, and with a general election around the corner politicians show no sign of toning it down.