Singapore bloggers slam shutdown of website deemed `anti-foreigner`

A group of bloggers on Monday urged Singapore`s media regulator to rescind an order to shut down a website accused of fanning anti-foreigner sentiment, calling it a "brutal attempt at censorship".

Europe-Australia talks over stopping asylum-seeker boats: Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Monday said Australia and Europe were in talks on how to stop asylum-seeker boats after the success of his government`s controversial polices on the issue.

French patrol boat saves 217 people from sea off Libya: Official

A French patrol boat on Saturday rescued 217 people from the Mediterranean off the Libyan coast, maritime authorities said.

South African Police arrest nearly 200 immigrants in post-attacks raid

 South African police arrested 198 illegal immigrants in a raid in Johannesburg on Thursday, officials said, after a spate of xenophobic attacks that has thrust millions of foreign workers into the spotlight.

Germany urges EU operation against people smugglers

Germany`s vice chancellor on Sunday called for European action against human traffickers after a refugee boat shipwreck in the Mediterranean was feared to have claimed 700 lives.

Italy struggles with fresh wave of migrants

Emotions were running high in Italy Friday as the country struggled to cope with a new influx of migrants amid "worrying" allegations of clashes between Muslim and Christian refugees on a boat.

Rescued African migrants still dream of Europe

Their rickety boats may have broken down as they tried to sneak into Italy, but for African migrants now stuck in Tunisia their dream of reaching Europe is far from over.

Jacob Zuma appeals for end of attacks on immigrants in South Africa

South African President Jacob Zuma on Thursday appealed for calm and the end of attacks on immigrants after a wave of violence that has left at least six people dead.

'41 missing' in new migrant boat tragedy in Mediterranean: Reports

At least 40 migrants have drowned and many have been reported missing after another boat carrying refugees sank in the Mediterranean on Thursday, BBC quoted Italian media as reporting.

South Africa march against spreading immigrant attacks

Thousands of people marched through the South African city of Durban on Thursday to protest against anti-immigrant violence that has left six people dead and spread to the economic capital Johannesburg.

Airport official arrested for sexually harassing passenger

An immigration officer, who had sexually harassed a woman passenger verbally at Indira Gandhi International Airport here on March 18, was arrested on Wednesday evening, police said on Thursday.

Egypt detains migrant ship heading for Italy

Egypt`s coastguard on Friday detained a migrant boat heading for Italy, retrieved two bodies from the sea and rescued five injured people, security sources and medics said.

European asylum rules must change: EU official

The EU`s top immigration official on Tuesday said the bloc was "concerned" by its existing asylum regulations and was looking at ways to amend them with large numbers of migrants fleeing conflict crossing the Mediterranean.

More than 300 migrants rescued off Sicily: Reports

Around 318 migrants in distress at sea between Sicily and the coast of Libya were rescued by an Icelandic navy ship taking part in an EU border patrol of the Mediterranean, Italian media reported Saturday.

Woman lodges police complaint against Delhi immigration official

A woman resident of the city on Saturday filed a complaint with Delhi police against an immigration officer who allegedly verbally sexually harassed her at Indira Gandhi International Airport in the national capital.

Solar Impulse pilot Piccard gets his passport stamped; team flies to Varanasi
Solar Impulse pilot Piccard gets his passport stamped; team flies to Varanasi

When solar-powered planes took the challenge to be the first to circumnavigate the globe powered solely by the sun, the makers didn't know that they will have greater challenges to tackle. Upon reaching India, the pilots got the real picture of India's red tapism and bureaucracy which led to major delays in their schedule.

In search of greener pastures?

“The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources―because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.” -- Lyndon B. Johnson

Fearing attack, Italian coastguards seek weapons

Italy`s coastguard on Friday called on the government to change its status so that its 11,000 seamen can carry weapons, amid mounting concern over the possibility of attacks by people traffickers or terrorists.

Immigration to Britain rises in pre-election blow to PM Cameron

The number of people moving to Britain surged last year, an embarrassment for Prime Minister David Cameron, whose Conservatives had pledged to cut net annual migration to the tens of thousands, close to a national election.

Britain misses key immigration target before election

Britain`s government has failed to deliver a promised cut in immigration, statistics showed on Thursday, ahead of a closely-fought General Election in May in which it will be a key issue.