Problems faced by Indian crew members in Dubai on the rise

There has been a sharp increase in cases related to problems faced by Indian crew members on the coast of Dubai and Northern Emirates, Indian diplomats here have said, admitting that they have received many SOS calls in the recent past.

Boat migrants died of hypothermia: Italy

Italy`s Navy said on Friday that 17 boat migrants had died of hypothermia and dehydration in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean to Europe amid a sharp turn in the winter weather.

Swiss voters reject 'green' immigration cap: Initial results

The Swiss rejected three issues put to a popular vote on Sunday, including calls to cap immigration in the name of saving the environment, according to initial results and projections.

Britain to curb EU migrants benefit to reduce immigration

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday that immigrants from the EU need to work in Britain for four years so they could claim benefits in the country.


Cameron urges migrant curbs, warns on British EU exit

Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday promised tough curbs on welfare for EU migrants to counter a surge in arrivals and warned European leaders that resistance could put Britain`s EU membership in doubt.

Hashish stash sinks after high sea drama for EU patrol

It`s a tale to make any self-respecting pothead weep.

Swiss to vote on immigration cut `to save environment`

The Swiss will once again head to the polls this weekend to decide whether to dramatically slash immigration numbers, this time in the name of saving the environment in a proposal opponents have labelled xenophobic.

Pope Francis berates Europe over treatment of immigrants

Pope Francis Tuesday said the European Union (EU) has aged and grown tired and criticised Europe over its treatment of immigrants.

Pope to take on hot EU topics in Strasbourg visit

Pope Francis is set to deliver his first major speech on Europe, focusing on complex continental issues such as joblessness and immigration.

Barack Obama's immigration plan falls short of Indian techies' hopes

As President Barack Obama campaigned to sell his immigration plan to shield up to five million people from deportation and retain high-skilled immigrants, largely from India and China, analysts called it a mixed bag.

Immigration row fuels early 2016 US presidential race
Immigration row fuels early 2016 US presidential race

When President Barack Obama unveiled his immigration plan and Republican rivals howled their disapproval, the drama signalled not just a clash of political positions: it kicked off the 2016 presidential campaign.

Obama vows `more fair and just` immigration to US
Obama vows `more fair and just` immigration to US

Pledging to fix America`s "broken" immigration system, President Barack Obama offered five million undocumented migrants protection from deportation Thursday, allowing families to emerge from the shadows and seek work permits.

Woman with gun outside White House arrested after Obama's immigration speech
Woman with gun outside White House arrested after Obama's immigration speech

A 23-year-old woman was arrested by US Secret Service on Thursday night for carrying a gun shortly after President Barack Obama concluded his speech on immigration.

Now, I can fly: Nicaragua migrant on Obama plan

She has lived in the shadows for 14 years, fearing deportation.

Many US immigrants fear coming out of hiding despite Obama's action

Norma Martinez, an undocumented mother of two girls born in New Jersey after she arrived illegally from El Salvador in 2007, worries the Obama administration`s new immigration program might provide fleeting protections that a new president could easily reverse.

Barack Obama says his immigration plan is lawful
Barack Obama says his immigration plan is lawful

President Barack Obama planned on Thursday to impose the most sweeping immigration reform in a generation, easing the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants and setting up a clash with outraged Republicans.

White House disappointed as TVs snub Obama speech

The White House admitted Thursday it was disappointed that leading US television networks -- ABC, NBC and CBS -- have decided to snub President Barack Obama`s prime-time address on immigration.

US lawmaker seeks faster visas for Indian and Pakistani doctors

Ahead of President Barack Obama`s slated plans to take unilateral executive action to overhaul America`s "broken" immigration system, a Democratic lawmaker has introduced legislation to expedite visas for Indian and Pakistani physicians.

Barack Obama likely to introduce immigration reforms today

US President Barack Obama is expected to unveil his plans for immigration reform in an address to the nation on Thursday.

Barack Obama to announce plan to fix US immigration
Barack Obama to announce plan to fix US immigration

President Barack Obama will lay out his plan to reform the United States` "broken" immigration system on Thursday, he said, accusing Washington of allowing the problem to fester.