47 dead as plague spreads to Madagascar capital

Madagascar said on Monday it was trying to contain an outbreak of plague -- similar to the Black Death that swept medieval Europe -- that has killed 47 people and is spreading to the capital Antananarivo.

Polio cases confirmed in South Sudan, Madagascar: WHO

 The World Health Organization said Friday it had confirmed unrelated cases of polio in South Sudan and in Madagascar, blaming low vaccination coverage. 

Fossil skull offers clue to mammals' evolution

The surprise discovery of the fossilised skull of a 66 to 70 million-year-old groundhog-like creature in Madagascar has shaken up the scientists' views of the mammalian "family tree", says a research.

Madagascar arrests ex-leader on return from exile

Former Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana was arrested on Monday shortly after his return from exile in South Africa, aides said.

Jada Pinkett Smith `feared` adopting husband`s last name

Hollywood star Will Smith`s actress-wife Jada Pinkett has revealed she feared criticism from fans while adopting his last name.

Pope tired but smiling amid new health concerns

Pope Francis has had a busy morning of audiences amid new health concerns following his cancellation of a planned outing.

Endangered Lemurs on verge of extinction

Scientists have revealed lemurs are on the verge of extinction as impoverished local people are hunting them, and also because their habitat is being destroyed.

Madagascar`s president takes over; grenade blast kills child

Madagascar`s new president Hery Rajaonarimampianina, who won the first elections since a coup in 2009, took office on Saturday but his inauguration was marred by an explosion that killed one person and wounded dozens after the ceremony.

Rajoelina-backed candidate elected Madagascar president

Hery Rajaonarimampianina, backed by strongman Andry Rajoelina, has been elected president of Madagascar, the country`s electoral court ruled Friday.

Rajaonarimampianina likely president of Madagascar

With all votes tallied, provisional results show that the candidate supported by Madagascar`s former strongman will likely be the next president.

Ex-finance minister wins disputed Madagascar vote

Former finance minister Hery Rajaonarimampianina won Madagascar`s run-off Presidential Election, the electoral commission said, but his main rival claims the vote was rigged.

Madagascar hopes post-coup presidential vote will end crisis

Poverty-wracked Madagascar began voting on Friday in long-delayed presidential elections meant to restore democracy and pull the country out of the crisis it plunged into after a 2009 coup.

Sonar mapping for oil killed Madagascar whales: Study

A noisy technology that blasts high-frequency sounds below water to map the ocean for oil probably caused the deaths of 75 melon-headed whales off Madagascar, experts have said.

86,000 kids working in mines in Madagascar: ILO

As many as 86,000 children are working in mines in Madagascar, an International Labour Organisation (ILO) official has revealed, adding some of them work to help parents in sapphires or gold careers.

Wanted: Female mate for near-extinct `ugly` fish

The London Zoo has launched a worldwide hunt for a female mate for a `gorgeously ugly` tropical fish which is on the brink of extinction.

New dinosaur species that lived in Madagascar 90mn yrs ago identified

Researchers have announced the discovery of a new species of dinosaur from Madagascar, filling an important gap in the island`s fossil record.

Katy Perry visits Madagascar for Unicef

Katy Perry visited Madagascar in support of the United Nations Children`s Fund (Unicef) to help draw attention to the importance of providing education and help to children on the African island nation.

Two new species of mouse lemur discovered in Madagascar

Scientists have identified two new species of mouse lemur, the saucer-eyed, teacup-sized primates native to the African island of Madagascar.

Pakistani held with weapons in Madagascar

A Pakistani national has been arrested on charges of kidnapping and possessing illegal weapons in the island nation of Madagascar.

Madagascar lemurs on verge of extinction

The lemurs of Madagascar - known for their haunting cries and reflective eyes - are the most endangered primate group on Earth, because they are losing their forest habitat, according to conservationists.