High milk intake may be associated with more fractures, death rates

A new study has found that contrary to the belief that milk helps reduce the risk of fractures, it actually may be linked to high fracture and mortality rate.

Special gene variant leads to heavy smoking

 A new study has suggested a direct correlation between smoking and mortality showing that a special gene variant increases the risk of heavy smoking.

Deploying midwives in poor nations could avert millions of maternal and newborn deaths

Researchers have said that a small increase in number of skilled birth attendants in the world`s poorest nations could save the lives of a substantial number of women and their babies.

Surgery on weekends, afternoons ups death risk: Study

In a first that shows cyclic influences on hospital mortality in patients after surgery, a new research says that the risk of death is the highest following surgery conducted on weekends, in the afternoon or in February.

Male infertility linked to mortality

Men who are infertile because of defects in their semen appear to be at increased risk of dying sooner than men with normal semen, according to a new study.

Seven+ daily portions of fruit and veg `best chance to stave off death from any cause`

Researchers have suggested that eating at least seven daily portions of fruit and vegetables could be the best chance to stave off death from any cause.

`Body shape index` more accurate predictor of mortality than `body mass index`

A new study reveals that “body shape index” is a more accurate predictor of mortality than “body mass index” (BMI).

Frailty in old age linked to stress hormone

A new study has revealed that lowering morning and higher evening cortisol levels contribute to frailty in older individuals.

Study shows air pollution more deadly than thought

The effect of long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with increased mortality even when the pollution is below European Union limits, shows new research.

Nuts reduce death risk, says study

Consuming nuts at least seven times a week can reduce risk of death from any cause by 20 percent, says a new study.

Alcohol use can lead to death, disability

Researchers have shown that alcohol abuse severely impacts health of addicts and has significant risks and minimum benefits.

Insomnia linked to higher mortality risk in men

Researchers have found that some insomnia symptoms, the most common sleep disorder, are associated with an increased risk of mortality in men.

Subtle movements and facial features may indicate risk of death

A new study suggests that features like the wrinkles on your forehead and the way you move may reflect your overall health and risk of dying.

Social deprivation linked with increased mortality risk in type 1 diabetes

Levels of social deprivation, as well as how well a patient controls their blood sugar, is an independent risk factor for mortality in people suffering from type 1 diabetes, a new study has revealed.

How eating better can help you live longer

Diet can help lower hypertension and improve heart function in patients suffering from a common type of heart failure, according to a new research.

Positive outlook in heart disease tied to fewer deaths

People with heart disease who are more upbeat and excited tend to live longer than those who don`t have such a positive outlook.

Studies confirm colon cancer screening reduces deaths

There`s new evidence that regular screening for colon cancer has long-term benefits.

Better diet tied to fewer deaths after heart attack

People who changed their eating habits for the better following a heart attack tended to live longer than those who stuck to eating not-so-heart-healthy foods in a new U.S. study

More than 4 cups of coffee a day inked to higher mortality rate

A new study has suggested that drinking more than 28 cups of coffee in a week can increase a person`s odds of dying prematurely by 21 percent.

Indian hip fracture patients at high risk of mortality, disability

An Indian study has found that 30.4 percent of hip fracture patients died within one year, with the majority of deaths occurring within the first six months after fracture.