Hepatitis B came accidentally to me; I am surviving on just 25% of liver: Amitabh Bachchan
Hepatitis B came accidentally to me; I am surviving on just 25% of liver: Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan has been surviving on 25 percent of his liver. He accidentally became a recipient of the Hepatitis B virus.

Sea traffic alone contributes to half of coastal pollution

 The air along the coasts is full of hazardous nanoparticles and almost half of the measured particles stem from sea traffic emissions, says a study.

Delhi's toxic air: How to keep safe from respiratory infections!

As the pollution levels rise in winter, chances of acquiring respiratory infections also increase simultaneously.

Charlie Sheen shares ordeals of HIV through open letter, says hard to absorb the three letters
Charlie Sheen shares ordeals of HIV through open letter, says hard to absorb the three letters

Having been diagnosed for four years, former 'Two and A Half Men' star Charlie Sheen revealed his HIV status whilst an interview that he is HIV positive.

Gut bacteria play key role in body's self-defense

 Scientists have found that human gut bacteria regulate the levels of the body's main antioxidant, glutathione, which fights a host of diseases.

Dengue in childhood can increase early heart attack risk

Infectious diseases such as typhoid, measles, chicken pox, bronchitis, tuberculosis and dengue in childhood can increase risk of getting a heart attack in adulthood, suggests new research.

7-year-old girl dies of dengue in Delhi, cases cross 12K-mark

 Dengue has claimed another life, that of a seven-year-old girl in the city, taking the death toll to 42 while the total number of people down with the vector-borne disease in the city has crossed the 12,000 mark with over 1,300 fresh cases reported in the past five days.

Tribal health care discussed at special workshop

 Malaria, maternal mortality and fluorosis are some of the diseases which were discussed at a special workshop on tribal health issues in Maharashtra's Gadchiroli district, an official statement said here on Thursday.

Viral fever: Know the symptoms of it!

Symptoms of viral fever can include a runny nose, sore throat, skin rashes, body aches.

Pancreatitis sufferers have poor odds of improving

WellingtonSufferers of pancreatitis have a high likelihood of their condition worsening if they fail to stop smoking and to cut alcohol consumption, said a study released on Monday.

WHO calls for focus on neglected tropical diseases

 The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday called for renewed commitments and focused efforts to eliminate neglected tropical diseases which continue to disable, disfigure and kill people in South-East Asia.

Tree of life shares common molecular tool kit

 In one of the largest and most detailed studies of animal molecular biology ever undertaken, researchers discovered the assembly instructions for nearly 1,000 protein complexes shared by most kinds of animals, revealing their deep evolutionary relationships.

Alzheimer's breakthrough: 'Gene signature` that can predict onset of disease

A team of researchers has developed a `gene signature` that can be used to predict the onset of Alzheimer`s years in advance.

Diabetes may be linked to brain tangles, separate from Alzheimer's disease

A new study has suggested that Diabetes and the buildup of tangles or tau in the brain may be linked independently of Alzheimer's disease.

Red wine research in dogs can help treat humans

Researchers have discovered that a compound found commonly in grape skins and red wine affects the immune systems of dogs in different ways.

New potential treatments may soon help people with cognitive diseases

New findings by medical researchers have revealed potential new treatments which could help people with cognitive diseases.

Malaria puts kids at deadly blood cancer risk

 Children infected with the malaria parasite are likely to experience DNA damage that can lead to Burkitt's lymphoma, a highly aggressive blood cancer, says a new study that sheds new light on how the two seemingly different diseases are related.

Are currency notes making you sick?

This may come as a shocking news to some. Believe it or not but there are dozens of disease-causing micro-organisms travelling in your wallet, according to a group of scientists after studying notes of Rs. 10, Rs. 20 and Rs. 100 procured from markets in south Delhi.

Trans-fat increases mortality risk by 34%: Study

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: A sigh of relief for healthy people who consume a reasonable amount of saturated fat in their diet as latest research suggests no health risk for them.

How being addicted to the internet could make you sick!

Spending too much time online can damage your immune function.