French judges end enquiry into Arafat`s 2004 death

French judges re-examining the evidence surrounding the 2004 death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have concluded their investigations, the prosecutors office in the Paris suburb of Nanterre said Tuesday.

My mother's death was preventable: Melissa Rivers
My mother's death was preventable: Melissa Rivers

 Nearly eight months after her mother Joan Rivers' death, Melissa believes that her death could have been avoided.

Dutch polar explorers likely drowned: Canada police

Two Dutch explorers studying melting Arctic sea ice have apparently drowned after falling through thin ice, police said Monday.

Irked over ignoring his calls, co-worker stabs woman to death in Maharashtra

A 30-year-old married woman was allegedly stabbed to death by her male co-worker after she refused to pay heed to his constant demands to meet him and interact on telephone, police said.

JK Rowling apologises for 'killing' Fred from 'Harry Potter'

The `Harry Potter` saga author JK Rowling has aplogised to the fans for killing one of the Weasley twins - Fred.

Use of statins linked to reduced death from lung cancer

Sceintists have shown that prolonged use of statins may reduce the risk of death from lung cancer.

New handloom act will mean death for handloom industry: Ritu Kumar

 Talk of a change in the Handloom Reservation Act, which has since 1985 protected handloom weaves from being copied by machine-made and powerloom competitors, has got veteran designer Ritu Kumar worried about the plight of millions of India's weavers who are already fighting for their livelihood.

Football rallies round grieving Rio Ferdinand
Football rallies round grieving Rio Ferdinand

Football rallied round on Saturday to offer support to former England captain Rio Ferdinand following the death of his wife, Rebecca Ellison, from cancer.

Festive Baltimore rallies in hope after police charged

Thousands of people took to the streets of Baltimore on Saturday as anger over the death of a young black man turned to hopes for change following swift criminal charges against six police officers. 

Mechanism behind human ageing revealed

A new research has linked the ageing process to the deterioration of tightly packaged bundles of cellular DNA.

Baltimore police enforce third night of curfew

Baltimore police have enforced a curfew for a third night, as new reports emerged over how the black man at the center of the latest US racial unrest sustained fatal injuries while in police custody.

Seven dead, 66 hurt in week of Burundi protests: Officials

At least seven people have died and 66 others been wounded in nearly a week of clashes between police and protestors in the central African nation of Burundi, officials said Friday.

West Bengal: 15 persons of marriage party, including bride and groom, killed

Fifteen members of a marriage party, including the bride and the groom, were killed and three others injured when their vehicle collided with a truck on National Highway 31 near Madarihat in this district on Friday.

Irish priest jailed for hiring IRA to intimidate nephew

An Irish priest was jailed on Thursday for hiring men who said they were IRA paramilitaries to issue death threats and intimidate his nephew into dropping legal action.

Baltimore police officer who chased Freddie Gray had mental health problems?
Baltimore police officer who chased Freddie Gray had mental health problems?

In a fresh revelation, Baltimore police have discovered through a new security camera footage that the police van carrying the arrested black man Freddie Gray had made another stop that was previously unknown to the investigators.

China reports 3 killed along border with North Korea

A Chinese city has reported the killings of three villagers in an area where North Korean border guards have been accused of crossing over to commit thefts and slayings.

Philippines may seek clemency anew for drug convict in Indonesia

The Philippines may renew its appeal for clemency for a Filipina drug convict granted a temporary reprieve from a death sentence in Indonesia, depending on the outcome of a related human trafficking case, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday. 

Climbing to reopen on Mount Everest after earthquake, avalanche
Climbing to reopen on Mount Everest after earthquake, avalanche

 Climbing will reopen on Mount Everest next week after damage to routes caused by avalanches that were set off by a huge earthquake, one of which killed 18 climbers at base camp, senior officials said on Thursday.

Nepal quake: 15 Everest avalanche victims identified

Fifteen of the 19 people killed in avalanches near Mount Everest following massive earthquake on April 25 that devastated Nepal have been identified, Nepal`s tourism department said on Thursday.

Nepali quake victim, found after 80-hour ordeal, laments his rescue

 Nepali farmer Rishi Ram Khanal was looking forward to leaving Nepal for Dubai, where a USD 220-a-month job as a cleaner at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant promised him the chance to pull his young family out of a life of poverty.