Thousands visit Trinity on anniversary of bomb explosion

Thousands of visitors converged on the New Mexico site where the first nuclear bomb was detonated nearly 70 years ago.

''Not so fast,'' New Mexico says to would-be lottery winner

A New Mexico man who thought he hit the jackpot with a scratch-off instant lottery ticket will not be getting the $500,000 he believed he had won, after officials determined that matches were due to a printing malfunction, a lottery official said on Tuesday.

Chinese student pleads guilty in US to arms export conspiracy

A Chinese man in the United States on a student visa pleaded guilty on Tuesday to conspiring to export illegally to China high-tech sensors used by the defense industry, a federal prosecutor in New Mexico said.

New Mexico dinosaur species has relatives in Canada

Ziapelta sanjuanensis, a newly discovered armoured dinosaur from New Mexico in the US has close ties to the dinosaurs of Alberta in Canada.

Indian-origin athlete to be part of NBA

Sim Bhullar has become the first player of Indian-origin ever to be part of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Iraqi woman in US hurt in possible hate crime

Police say an Iraqi refugee who was assaulted in her US apartment appears to be the victim of a hate crime.

Last of Navajo ``code talkers`` dies in New Mexico

The last of 29 Navajo Americans who developed an unbreakable code that helped Allied forces win the second World War died in New Mexico of kidney failure at the age of 93.

Second radiation release indicated at New Mexico site

New air sampling data from southeastern New Mexico`s troubled nuclear waste dump indicates there has been another small radiation release.

Radiation affects 13 US nuclear plant employees

A total of 13 employees of a New Mexico underground nuclear waste site were exposed to radiation, test results showed Wednesday.

More radiation detected near New Mexico nuke site

More airborne radiation has been detected in New Mexico from a leak at the first underground US nuclear waste dump.

Radiation leak detected at New Mexico nuclear plant

US investigators have been taking samples at a New Mexico underground nuclear waste site where airborne radiation was detected, though authorities stressed they had found no contamination.

US Air Force drone crashes

The US Air Force said a drone crashed at a national park in New Mexico during a training mission.

Boy, 12, faces battery charge in New Mexico school shooting

12-year-old boy accused of opening fire with shotgun at New Mexico middle school wounding 2 has been charged with 3 counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, authorities said on Thursday.

Alleged 12-year-old US shooter `planned` attack: police

The 12-year-old gunman accused of wounding a teacher and two students when he opened fire at a New Mexico middle school planned his attack, police has said.

Shooting at school in New Mexico; 2 hurt

A boy was critically injured and a girl was in satisfactory condition following the shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell yesterday morning.

Two hurt in shooting at school in New Mexico, say cops

A gunman opened fire today morning at a New Mexico school, critically injuring at least two students before being taken into custody.

Shooting at school in New Mexico, 2 hurt: Police

Officials in New Mexico say at least two children are being treated for injuries after a school shooting.

Doctors can aid in dying: US state judge

Competent, terminally ill patients have a fundamental right under the New Mexico Constitution to seek a physician`s help in getting prescription medications if they want to end their lives on their own terms, a state district judge has ruled.

New Mexico becomes 17th state to back gay marriage

New Mexico`s Supreme Court has backed same-sex marriage rights, making the southwestern US state the 17th to back gay weddings.

US Air Force drone crashes in New Mexico

The US Air Force confirmed that one of its Predator drones crashed near a military base in New Mexico during a training exercise.