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Blaming the weather for aching joints? You may not be able to use that as an excuse again!

Blaming the weather for aching joints? You may not be able to use that as an excuse again!

The studies were carried out across Australia with average daily temperatures ranging from 5.4 degrees Celsius to 32.8 degrees Celsius.

Wearing high heels regularly can lead to premature osteoarthritis

Wearing high heels regularly can lead to premature osteoarthritis

A new research has claimed that women who have a habit of wearing heels on a regular basis can be in trouble at an early stage as they become more prone to osteoarthritis.

Keep your bones healthy with these simple tips!

Arthritis is a painful medical condition in the form of inflammation of joints which leads to severe pain, swelling and stiffness.

Nanoparticle injections hold hope for osteoarthritis patients

US researchers have designed a peptide-based nanoparticle, which when injected into an injured joint will not only suppress the inflammation immediately but also reduce the destruction of cartilage, thus lowering the risk for osteoarthritis.

Miraculous! Osteoarthritic woman cured post 'Gold' knee replacement surgery

After losing all hopes of revival, a 54-old-woman, who was unable to walk or sit for almost a decade due to osteoarthritis has been cured at a Pune hospital.

Paracetamol `ineffective` in relieving arthritis pain

If you have arthritis, a new study suggests there's no point in taking paracetamol, the active ingredient in a large number of over-the-counter painkillers.

Scientists grow new cartilage tissue from cow knee joint cells

The team from Umea University in Sweden created a successful method with conditions conducive to growing healthy cartilage tissue from cow knee joints. 

5 natural remedies to deal with joint pains, arthritis this winter!

Arthritis is a form of inflammation of joints. It involves severe pain, swelling in joints, and joint stiffness. 

Weight loss can protect knees

 Obese people who lose a substantial amount of weight can significantly slow the degeneration of their knee cartilage, according to a new study.

Activity may help you keep knee pain at bay

Synovial fluid that fills our joints plays the essential roles of supporting weight and lubricating joint surfaces. 

World Arthritis Day: India may have 60 million osteoarthritis cases by 2025

Doctors say osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis in India, affecting over 15 million adults every year.

How Tai Chi can help older people with chronic ailments

A new study has linked the ancient Chinese exercise Tai Chi to improved physical capacity among older adults with certain common long term conditions.

Beware girls! Here's what high heels can do to your health

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Experts have said it time and again that there are multiple health risks attached to wearing high heels, the recent being one the chance of falling a victim to osteoarthritis.

Common mental health drug may treat arthritis

By testing the effects of lithium chloride on cartilages or connecting tissues, a team of scientists has found that it slowed the degradation associated with osteoarthritis.

Compurter-aided surgery restores mobility to 115-kg woman

Using a computer-assisted technology, orthopedic surgeons here have successfully restored mobility to a morbidly obese women.

Elderly woman cured of osteoarthritis with gold knee implant

A 59-year-old woman who was suffering from acute osteoarthritis and could not walk without a support successfully underwent a new knee implant surgery at a hospital here, doctors said on Sunday.

Poor sleep increases pain in knee osteoarthritis

Poor sleep can amplify pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) - a degenerative joint disease that causes pain and swelling of joints in the hand, hips or knee.

Vitamin D helps obese patients with bone disease

Higher levels of vitamin D may decrease pain and improve function in obese individuals with the bone disease osteoarthritis, suggests a new research.

'Painkiller' paracetamol doesn’t help against lower back pain

As per a new study, a dose of paracetamol is not enough to cure severe lower back pain.

First blood test for osteoarthritis may soon be available

 A simple blood test for the most common form of arthritis that can detect the condition several years before the onset of physical symptoms may soon be available, UK researchers say.