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Marine oil supplements beneficial for post-exercise muscle damage

A new study has revealed that there may be a greater connection between mussels and muscles than previously thought.

Indian-origin scientist develops new way to treat osteoarthritis

Indian-origin researcher Tina Chowdhury from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and her team have developed a new "microcapsule" treatment delivery that can reduce inflammation in cartilage affected by osteoarthritis and reverse damage to tissue.

Common knee surgery may lead to osteoarthritis

A popular knee surgery to repair meniscal tears may increase the risk of osteoarthritis and cartilage loss in some patients, a new research says.

Premature babies at greater risk of future hip replacements

 Low birth weight and premature birth are linked to increased risk of osteoarthritis-related hip replacements in adulthood, says a research.

Yoga greatly helps reduce acute osteoarthritis pain

An orthopaedic surgeon has said that yoga is an effective natural remedy for osteoarthritis, which can not only reduce the pain and stiffness, but also slow the progression of the disease.

Knee surgery not needed for mild osteoarthritis

Middle-aged and older patients with mild osteoarthritis of the knee may not benefit from the procedure of arthroscopic knee surgery, says new research.

Now, a jab that can help fight against arthritis

Researchers have developed a new revolutionary procedure that could help prevent the disease ever striking in the first place.

Eating grapes reduces knee pain

Suffering from knee pain? Adding grapes to your diet can help you lessen that excruciating knee pain.

Women over 40 most affected by osteoarthritis

Women over the age of 40 are most affected by osteoarthritis and this is corroborated by the fact that they form 60 percent of the patients that undergo total knee replacement, an expert said Thursday.

Drinking milk may keep osteoarthritis at bay in women

Drinking milk may not just benefit bones or teeth, but may also keep your knees healthy as well.

5 health benefits of Broccoli!

Broccoli is a nutritional wonder and has a wide range of therapeutic properties associated with it. It is loaded with super-nutrients that promotes the overall health of your body.

Include broccoli in your diet to keep diseases at bay

This green knobbly cousin of the cabbage is packed with rich nutrients and also a good deal of dietary fibre and vitamin C. It will be good to include broccoli in your diet as here are some of the diseases and conditions which it can help fight.

Wearing `mobility shoes` linked to reduced knee loading in Osteoarthritis patients

A new study has suggested that wearing flat and flexible footwear can help reduce knee loading in knee osteoarthritis patients.

Arthritis: 5 foods that help reduce chronic pain

Arthritis is a form of inflammation of joints. It involves severe pain, swelling in joints, and joint stiffness. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, of which Osteoarthritis is the most common. Sounds painful? It is indeed agonising.

Eating broccoli can help prevent osteoarthritis

Scientists have revealed that eating broccoli could help you avoid suffering the most common form of arthritis- osteoarthritis.

New techniques to ease joint replacements

With a steady increase in the number of Indians suffering from joint disorders, new techniques from around the world that cause minimal invasion and inconvenience have come to their rescue, doctors said here Sunday.

Why older people are prone to developing joint disorders

A new study has revealed that scheduled exercise, regular meals and the periodic warming and cooling of joints could relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis in older people.

Statins can cut arthritis risk by half

In a major study, a daily dose of cholesterol-lowering drug statins has been shown to more than halve the chances of getting arthritis.

Joint replacement surgery might be avoidable in future

Osteoarthritis (OA) is often seen as a problem primarily of the cartilage that cushions joints, but Johns Hopkins scientists now have evidence that the bone underneath the cartilage is also a key player and exacerbates the damage.

Now, `oil for the joints` to help soothe joint pain

A new joint lubricant could bring longer lasting relief to millions of osteoarthritis sufferers, say researchers who developed it.