Vietnam eyes US arms sales, downplays China impact

Vietnam has said it wants to be able to buy weapons from the United States and that regional powerhouse China should not be alarmed.

China builds school on disputed South China Sea island: Media

China has begun building a school on the contested Paracel islands, state media reported, as the Asian giant further asserts its claims in escalating territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

US warns China against new air defence zone

The United States warned has China against any move to declare a new air defence zone over parts of the South China Sea including disputed islands.

China plans new patrol in disputed South China Sea: Media

China will set up new civilian patrols with a 5,000-tonne vessel in the disputed South China Sea, state-run media said on Tuesday.

China to allow tourism in disputed islands in South China Sea

In a move that could exacerbate tensions with its neighbours, China has announced plans to allow tourist cruises to disputed islands in the South China Sea, also claimed by Vietnam.

China to `properly` resolve South China Sea row

Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang has re-assured that his country is committed to properly resolve the South China Sea issue with Vietnam.