`Mass grave` uncovered in Ukraine ex-rebel stronghold

Local authorities say they have uncovered the first mass grave in the former separatist bastion of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine, containing the bodies of at least four civilians they say were executed by pro-Russian rebels.

Kurdish rebels to restart withdrawal in September: Report

Kurdish rebels will begin a stalled withdrawal from Turkey into their safe haven in northern Iraq after parliament passes reforms aimed at ending a decades-long insurgency, local media reported today.

In an apparent bid to secure votes from the Kurdish community ahead of presidential polls in August, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan`s government submitted a bill to parliament last week that would remove a number of barriers to a final agreement.

Syria rebel groups seek aid to fight IS jihadists

Rebel groups from northern and eastern Syria on Wednesday demanded aid from the country`s exiled opposition to allow them to fight against the jihadist Islamic State (IS) group.

Three killed in attack on Ukrainian base

Three members of the Ukrainian military were killed on Saturday when pro-Russian separatists attacked their post near the eastern flashpoint city of Slaviansk with small arms and mortar fire, a military spokesman said.

Yemen ceasefire breached as violence flares anew

Fierce clashes erupted between rebels and tribes backed by an army unit in a northern Yemeni city close to the capital today, breaching a week-old ceasefire, a Defense Ministry official said, as the country`s leaders said assailants were plotting to destabilize the country.

Damascus mortar fire kills five: State media

Rebel mortar fire on a government-held district of Damascus killed five people Tuesday, state media said, as a car bomb killed one person in a pro-government area of third city Homs.

Ukraine report new rebel attacks after ceasefire

Ukraine said on Saturday that pro-Russian rebels continued to mount fierce mortar attacks against government forces in the strife-torn separatist east after rejecting the terms of the new pro-Western leader`s unilateral ceasefire.

OPCW team visits Syria chlorine site after attack: Rebels

A Syrian rebel commander said a team from the world`s chemical weapons watchdog investigating an alleged chlorine attack against rebel-held Kafr Zita managed to visit the town on Tuesday, hours after coming under attack.

Ugandan LRA rebel chief Kony promotes son: army

Uganda`s notorious rebel chief Joseph Kony has named his son as deputy of his Lord`s Resistance Army (LRA), a guerrila force infamous for its extreme savagery, the army said Sunday.

Colombian rebel groups announce truce ahead of election

Colombia`s two guerrilla groups, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN), have decreed a unilateral eight-day ceasefire to coincide with the May 25 presidential elections, a rebel spokesperson announced Friday.

Rebel bombs kill two Philippine soldiers

Muslim guerrillas from a breakaway faction have killed two soldiers in a wave of small bomb attacks in the southern Philippines, the military said Tuesday.

Warring South Sudan rivals ready for peace talks

South Sudan`s president and rebel chief prepared Friday to meet for the first time since brutal civil war broke out nearly five months ago, amid international pressure to stem bloodshed and avert famine and genocide.

Lanka temple tackles reconciliation amid fears of fighting

At a temple in the heart of Sri Lanka`s Sinhalese south, an unusual attempt at reconciliation is underway after decades of ethnic bloodshed, even as the government warns of fresh fighting.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky heckled by pro-Russian activists in east Ukraine

Former Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky was heckled on Sunday by angry pro-Moscow activists in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk and barred from entering the rebel-held city hall.

UN calls for probe of South Sudan massacre

The United Nations today called for an investigation into the massacre of hundreds of civilians by rebel troops in northern South Sudan.

Governor in Sudan`s Darfur survives ambush: Source

The governor of Sudan`s troubled North Darfur state has survived an ambush after visiting a town briefly seized by rebels, a source familiar with the incident said on Sunday.

Sudan court sentences 18 rebel leaders to death

A court in Sudan has sentenced 18 rebel leaders to death for murder, including the head of a delegation in talks with the Sudanese government.

UN cites evidence of rebel abuses in South Sudan

The UN Mission in South Sudan said it had evidence that rebel forces had murdered civilians, including children, in the key oil hub of Malakal.

CIA helps Colombia kill rebel leaders: Report

A covert CIA programme has helped Colombia`s government kill at least two dozen leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the rebel insurgency also known as FARC, according to a media report.

Syrian air raid kills rebel commander in Aleppo: Activists

A Syrian rebel commander in a main Islamist brigade was killed and two others were injured in an air strike by President Bashar al-Assad`s forces on Aleppo, activists said on Friday.