Eight presumed dead after ship sank off Scotland

Eight crew members onboard a cargo ship that sank off the coast of Scotland were presumed dead on Monday, two days after the vessel capsized in stormy weather.

8 missing after cargo ship capsizes off Scotland

British rescue teams searched on Sunday for eight missing crew members from a cargo ship that capsized north of Scotland.

Ship sinks off Vietnam coast, only 1 rescued from a crew of 19

A Norwegian cargo ship with 19 Filipino crew members sank off the coast of southern Vietnam with only one man known to have survived, the owner and officials said today.

Virgin Galactic was 'too pushy' with space ferry's commercial launch timeline: Report
Virgin Galactic was 'too pushy' with space ferry's commercial launch timeline: Report

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson was reportedly too pushy when it came to announcing the space ferry's commercial launch timeline.

Iranian ship detained in Gujarat

 An Iranian ship has been detained at Essar jetty in Hajira port for its alleged involvement in an accident with a fishing trawler, in which two fishermen were killed and three others are missing, police said here on Friday.

Two dead after Taiwan research boat sinks

 Two Taiwanese scientists died and 43 other people were rescued when a marine research ship sank off Taiwan after hitting a reef, coastguard officials said on Saturday.

UK oil rig evacuated over ship carrying radioactive waste

A ship carrying radioactive concrete that had to shut down its engine in the North Sea after its funnel caught fire was stable on Wednesday and being towed to the northeastern coast of Scotland, the British coastguard said.

Ship rescues three sailors stranded off Hawaii coast

A container ship crew has rescued three people from a sailboat that was stranded in waters roiled by Hurricane Julio off the Hawaii Coast.

Hijacked Singaporean ship released near Nigeria: Seoul

A hijacked Singaporean oil tanker carrying 21 sailors was released on Sunday a week after being seized by pirates in waters off Ghana in west Africa, Seoul`s foreign ministry said.

Italy`s sunken ship towed away

The wreck of Costa Concordia luxury cruise liner left the Italian island of Giglio and began its final journey towards the port of Genoa Wednesday, where it will be dismantled.

Body of Indian killed in UAE ship fire still in mortuary

The body of an Indian expatriate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who was charred to death following a fire in a cargo vessel a month ago, is still in the mortuary due to court procedures to claim insurance money, a media report said.

Two former Navy SEALs dead on ship died of drugs

Seychelles police say a mixture of heroin and alcohol caused the deaths of two former US Navy SEALs.

Pirates kidnap 3 on Japanese tanker off Malaysia

Armed pirates attacked a Japanese oil tanker in the Straits of Malacca stealing three million litres of diesel and abducted three Indonesian crew members, fuelling piracy concerns in one of the world`s busiest waterways.

Israel intercepts ship transporting `Iranian weapons`

Israel intercepted a ship in the Red Sea carrying Iranian "advanced weaponry" bound for Palestinian militants in Gaza on Wednesday, the military said.

12 Indian sailors missing as ship sinks off Yemen

A total of 12 Indian sailors have been missing since their cargo ship sank off the coast of Yemen`s Hadramout province, authorities said.

US icebreaker to rescue ships stuck in Antarctica

The US on Sunday sent its heavy ice-cutter to rescue over 120 crew on board the Russian and Chinese ships trapped in the Antarctic, with ice up to four metres thick surrounding them.

Rescue of stranded Antarctic ship stalls

Passengers onboard a ship stuck in ice off Antarctica were on Saturday placing their hopes in the Australian icebreaker hurrying to their remote location, after a Chinese icebreaker failed to free them.

Soon, 500-foot ship that can cure seasickness with artificial waves

A Norwegian firm are developing a single-hull hotel ship that is capable of curing seasickness.

China`s first aircraft carrier completes crucial tests

China`s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, has completed major and crucial tests during a three-month voyage and returned to its home-port on Sunday.

Chinese planes to evacuate passengers on detained ship

A total of 450 passengers from the cruise ship, the Henna, have arrived at the airport on Jeju Island in South Korea for the first plane.