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US lawmaker accuses Pakistan of ruling through jihadist extremism

US lawmaker accuses Pakistan of ruling through jihadist extremism

"Those who think that they can keep Pakistan together by attacking and extinguishing other cultures with jihadist extremism should go visit Dhaka," Congressman Brad Sherman, ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Asia and the Pacific said at an event Sunday.

US lawmaker compares protest in US House to Rajya Sabha uproar

Congressman Mark Meadows posted two photos -- one of the Democratic party sit-in and the other of AIADMK protest by lawmakers inside the Rajya Sabha in March -- saying they look "disturbingly similar".

US lawmaker dismayed at sale of F16 to Pakistan

A top US lawmaker on Tuesday said he was dismayed by the Obama Administration's decision to sell eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan despite the country's support for terrorism.

Pakistan backed terrorist groups threaten India: US lawmaker

Describing Pakistan as a terrorist haven, a top US lawmaker has alleged Islamist terror groups, supported by Islamabad`s security services, destabilise Afghanistan and threaten India.

US lawmakers lash out at Pak for terrorist safe havens

Radical Islamist groups in Pakistan are destabilising Afghanistan and threatening neighbouring India, a US lawmaker said.

US lawmaker seeks to use military package as leverage for Pakistan

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen had recently led a Congressional Delegation trip to Afghanistan. 

US lawmaker compares Obama`s Paris no-show to Hitler

A Republican congressman from Texas apologised Tuesday after he essentially compared US President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler in a tweet about last week`s deadly attacks in France.

Senior US lawmaker under fire over speech to racists

A senior Republican US lawmaker faced down demands for his resignation Tuesday, retaining the support of his party leadership after he admitted giving a speech to a racist group.

Obama admin asked to have conversation with Pak on terrorism

Alleging that Pakistan continues to host militant outfits, a top US lawmaker has asked the Obama administration to have honest conversation with the country's leadership over the matter as its role is important in combating these groups and stabilising Afghanistan.

US lawmaker`s aide to quit over Obama daughters rant

A communications director for a Republican lawmaker said Monday she would resign after she posted a Facebook rant about US President Barack Obama`s daughters.

Consequences if India fails to act on IPR, warns US lawmaker

A top US lawmaker warned India of "consequences" on its continued violation of intellectual property rights (IPRs) hoping the new government will address America`s concerns regarding its policies that undermine IPRs.

US lawmaker, rice growers welcome probe into global rice trade

A top US lawmaker has welcomed the decision by a federal trade body to conduct an investigation into global rice trade that will report on competition factors in major rice producing and exporting countries including India.

US lawmaker Michael Grimm in custody, faces charges

US congressman Michael Grimm of New York was taken into custody Monday and charged with fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice, the FBI said.

Legislation for religious workers introduced in Congress

Aimed at facilitating immigration of religious workers including those of Hindu and Sikh faith, a US lawmaker has introduced a legislation in the House of Representatives.

Snowden not a whistleblower worthy of protection: US Lawmaker

A top American lawmaker called on Russia to extradite Edward Snowden to the United States, arguing that the former CIA contractor is a fugitive deserving prosecution and not a whistleblower worthy of protection.

US lawmaker offers amendment to cut military aid to Pakistan

A US lawmaker has said he will move an amendment to the National Defence Authorization Act to prohibit military aid to Pakistan.

US lawmakers look to change military justice

Outrage over a US Air Force officer`s decision to overturn a jury`s guilty verdict in a sexual assault case has Republicans and Democrats joining forces on ambitious legislation to change the military justice system.

Gun bill to be reintroduced: US lawmaker

One of the architects of failed gun control legislation says he`s bringing it back.

US lawmaker backs Congressional Gold Medal for Malala

Malala Yousufzai was shot by the Pakistani Taliban for advocating girls` education.