Wealthy elderly turning into risky alcoholics

 More older adults especially from the higher strata of the society are drinking alcohol at unsafe levels, a study has found.

Ladies, beware of alcohol! 

Alcohol consumption by young women may result in unexpected, unintended and unsafe sexual encounters.

Alcohol, steroid supplements linked to hip loss in youth

Increasing use of alcohol and steroid-based food supplements is exposing India's youth to avascular necrosis(AVN) – the death of bone tissue due to lack of supply – and consequent hip replacement surgeries.

Quarrel over alcohol: Two men jailed for attempt to murder

Two men have been sentenced to seven years in jail for trying to kill a person following a quarrel over alcohol, by a Delhi court which said the mode and manner of the crime was detrimental to societal peace.

Alcohol doesn't hinder rape victims from recalling the crime: Study

Victims of sexual assault who were intoxicated during the crime can still report accurate information when interviewed by the police, significant research shows.

Transparent partner key to stress-free romantic life

Romantic relationships that are supportive with fewer negative interactions will lead to a better psycho-social adjustment among young adults.

All India Badtameez: Why all restrictions for daughters only?

 Most parents put a lot of restrictions on daughters often thinking the city is no longer safe for them.

SC notice to Centre on websites selling drugs to children

The Supreme Court on Friday sought the Centre's response on a plea seeking a clampdown on websites selling prohibited drugs which were being used by children on a large scale.

Beware! Bariatric surgery may make you drunk faster

People who have undergone bariatric surgery may be at the risk of getting drunk faster as the procedure drastically lowers body tolerance for alcohol, researchers have warned.

Asian pears could ward off hangovers

Heading out for a booze-fuelled night out? Drink pear juice to avoid a hangover!

Beat your alcohol addiction by getting married!

If you are young and already having a drinking problem, finding a partner to tie the knot may help you return to a normal life again.

Gout drugs can treat alcohol-induced liver disease

 Two commonly used gout medications may offer protection from alcohol-induced liver disease and inflammation, a study says.

Love drinking? Raise a toast to moderation

Have you heard of "Holiday Heart Syndrome"? It happens when a non-drinker or a light drinker gives in to the weekend party mood and goes on a drinking spree.

Blood biomarker can reveal binge drinking

 A biomarker found in the blood of alcohol users is significantly higher in binge drinkers than in those who consume alcohol moderately, says a study.

UK teenager dies after reportedly ingesting 'laughing gas'

A teenager believed to have taken so-called laughing gas at a party in south-east London has died, police said today.

New police chief for racially torn Ferguson, Missouri

The mayor of Ferguson, Missouri appointed a new police chief on Wednesday, nearly a year after the police shooting of unarmed black man Michael Brown sparked weeks of sometimes violent protest.

People replace marijuana with alcohol at 21

A study of marijuana and alcohol use in people between the ages of 18 and 24 has revealed that marijuana users change over to alcohol at the age of 21.

Agra: Three die after consuming toxic liquor

At least three people died while three others were admitted to a hospital for treatment after allegedly consuming toxic liquor.

Eye colour linked to alcohol dependence

People with blue eyes have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics, says a study

Cases of drunken driving on the rise in Mumbai

In the past few days increasing cases of drunken driving have been reported in Mumbai.