Not a single case since public drinking ban: Goa

In the last 11 months since drinking in public places was banned in Goa, often referred to as the country's nightlife and party capital, not a single case has been booked for downing alcohol publicly.

3 glasses of booze per day may cause liver cancer

 If you are a regular drinker, you might want to put that gas down, as new study has revealed that consuming 3 glasses of alcohol per day can cause liver cancer.

Why some people can't resist alcohol

Researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University have discovered a biological clue that could help explain why some drinkers develop a dependence on alcohol while others do not.

Alcohol ignition interlocks can prevent drunk-driving deaths

Installing a built-in blood alcohol level tester in every new car in the US that keeps intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel could prevent 85 per cent of drunk-driving deaths in the country over the next 15 years, a new study has found.

US Secret Service has alcohol problem: Director

The US Secret Service director admitted to Congress on Tuesday that his agents often drink, even as he sought funding to build a life-size mock-up of the White House to improve training.

Expert's tips to prevent liver disease

Dr Suresh Singhvi, MBBS, MS, DNB, FRCS (Glasgow), FRCS (Intercollegiate, UK), CCST (UK), spoke to Salome Phelamei of Zee Media, about some simple yet effective tips to prevent liver disease .

Just a glass of wine can make you attractive!

Consuming alcohol - equivalent to about a glass of wine - can make the drinker appear more attractive than when sober, according to new research.

Basic facts and 11 ways to protect against liver disease

Dr. Suresh Singhvi

Basic facts and importance of liver

Liver is the second largest solid organ in the body weighing upto 1-1.5 kgs and situated in the right side of the upper abdomen, protected behind the rib cage.

Tobacco use may double risk of alcohol dependency

People who use snus, a moist powder tobacco product, run twice the risk of developing alcohol dependency as compared with non-users. 

'Love hormone' also prevents you from getting drunk

A new study has revealed that love or cuddle hormone called Oxytocin may play a crucial role in blocking the effects of alcohol.

Are YouTube videos eulogising alcohol use?
Are YouTube videos eulogising alcohol use?

The content of leading YouTube videos involving alcohol intoxication commonly juxtapose intoxication with humour and attractiveness, thereby undermining its negative consequences, new study reveals.

Jury still out on health benefits of drinking

 A new study has claimed that health benefits of alcohol may have been over-exaggerated from the reality.

Alcohol-related Facebook posts may promote drinking

 The more a Facebook user gets involved in alcohol-related posts, the more likely he or she is to consider drinking alcohol, a new study says.

Justin Bieber quits drink and drugs?
Justin Bieber quits drink and drugs?

Pop sensation Justin Bieber has reportedly said no to drink and drugs.

Oral cancer: Risk factors, symptoms and prevention tips!

Risk factors for oral cancer include- usage of any form of tobacco products, excessive alcohol use, exposure to sun. It is believed that the risk of catching oral cancer rises with age.

Singapore saw 47 liquor-related riot cases in 2014: Govt

Singapore on Friday said that 47 cases of rioting and 115 incidents of serious hurt linked to liquor consumption was reported in the country last year, prompting the government to restrict the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places.

Heavy drinking ups stroke risk more than BP, diabetes

More than two drinks a day in middle-age may raise your stroke risk more than traditional factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, warns a study.

First and last day of month to be 'dry day' in Assam

Assam has declared the first and last day of every month, except December 31, as "dry day" and prohibited sale of any type of alcoholic product in the state.

Stomach hormone that increases 'sex drive' found

According to a new Swedish study, an appetite hormone released from the stomach has been shown to increase sexual drive in mice.

Tequila waste can help create wood-like material
Tequila waste can help create wood-like material

A Mexican startup has developed a wood-like material from tequila waste and recycled plastic that can be used to make items such as tables and chairs.