Travellers using antibiotics can trigger superbug spread

A study has revealed that taking antibiotics for diarrhea may put travellers visiting developing parts of the world at higher risk for contracting superbugs and spreading these drug-resistant bacteria to their home countries.

Celestial to launch antibiotic for diabetes

Bio-pharmaceutical company Celestial Biolabs is set to launch an antibiotic product for the treatment of diabetes.

Nobel laureate sounds alarm over excessive antibiotic use

Alarmed over the increasing use of antibiotics to treat even common ailments, Nobel laureate Dr John Robin Warren has warned of a "disaster" if excessive use of antibiotics is not stopped.

Now, 'modified' common antibiotic may beat risk of hearing loss

Researchers have developed a modified version of an aminoglycoside, the most commonly used class of antibiotics worldwide, that may eliminate the risk of hearing loss.

New method enables bacteria to produce more chemicals

Scientists have developed a new technique that manipulates bacteria to produce up to 30-fold more quantities of chemicals.

Antibiotics resistance could kill 10mn a year by 2050

A British government-commissioned review has found that resistance to antibiotics could account for 10 million deaths a year and hit global gross domestic product by 2.0 to 3.5 percent by 2050.

New drug effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

 Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Vaccine Research (CVR) have pioneered what is far more effective than traditional antibiotics at inhibiting the growth of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

Exposure to antibiotics' during pregnancy heightens obesity risk in kids

In a new study, scientists have revealed that children who were exposed to antibiotics while in the womb, face greater of become obese.

Sterilisation deaths: Digvijay Singh demands Chhattisgarh Health Minister's resignation

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday said sub-standard antibiotics and equipment were to blame for the death of 13 women during a sterilisation drive in Bilaspur and demanded that Chhattisgarh Health Minister Amar Agrawal should quit.

Drug-resistant superbug found in 1915 soldier killed by dysentery

Scientists who unlocked the genetic code of bacteria grown from a soldier who died of dysentery in World War I say it revealed a superbug already resistant to penicillin and other antibiotics decades before they were in common use.

US approves first vaccine against dangerous meningitis strain

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first vaccine against meningitis B following outbreaks in several college campuses over the past year.

Microbes to help develop antibiotics
Microbes to help develop antibiotics

Solving a decades-old mystery, researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, have discovered how a powerful antibiotic agent is made in nature.

Antibiotics may help animals spread salmonella: Study
Antibiotics may help animals spread salmonella: Study

Giving animals antibiotics may make them sicker and could lead some to spread even more salmonella than they would have otherwise, US researchers experimenting on mice said Monday.

Drug-resistant bacteria to be soon taken care of
Drug-resistant bacteria to be soon taken care of

In a major breakthrough, researchers have discovered how bacteria destroy antibiotics - a finding that will help develop drugs which can effectively tackle infections in the future.

New antibiotic may herald new health era

Scientists have discovered that a robust, broad spectrum antibiotic and a gene that confers immunity to that antibiotic are both found in the bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis Strain 115.

Exhausted doctors prescribe more antibiotics in evenings: Study

  Exhausted by morning and afternoon clinic sessions, physicians are more likely to prescribe antibiotics for respiratory infections later in the day, says a study.

New antibiotic technique targets drug-resistant genes

In a major breakthrough, scientists have developed the world's first 'programmable' antibiotic technique that selectively targets the bad bugs - particularly those harbouring drug-resistance genes - while leaving innocent microbes alone.

New test to spot what makes a good drug

A new test could revolutionise the discovery of new prescription drugs by determining which drugs are unlikely to work at an early stage.

Hospitalised John Degenkolb confident for 2014 UCI Road World Championships
Hospitalised John Degenkolb confident for 2014 UCI Road World Championships

German sprinter John Degenkolb, who recently won the green jersey as points leader on the Tour of Spain, has been hospitalised in Frankfurt with a fever, his manager Jorg Werner revealed on Wednesday.

Fresh honey could provide alternative to antibiotics

At a time when antibiotic resistance is increasing, researchers have found that lactic acid bacteria found in fresh honey could offer a possible alternative to antibiotics.