`Semi-artificial leaf` shows faster photosynthesis than natural counterpart

Scientists have developed a novel method that allowed them to successfully hack into Gmail with up to 92 per cent accuracy.

Scientists take step closer towards creating `artificial leaf`

Arizona State University scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf.

Now, `artificial leaf` can heal itself after damage

The world`s first practical "artificial leaf" has gained another innovative feature - the ability to self-heal damage that occurs during production of energy.

‘Artificial leaf’ tech to power cars?

British scientists claim to be working on a project to produce an oil substitute, using photosynthesis.

`Artificial leaf` can power households cheaply

The leaf mimics photosynthesis process by which green plants convert sunlight and water into energy.

Soon, an ‘artificial leaf’ that mimics photosynthesis to power vehicles

Scientists are making progress toward development of an ‘artificial leaf’ that mimics the process of photosynthesis, and converts sunlight and water into a liquid fuel such as methanol for cars and trucks.