Artificial leaf, the new energy of future that may power your car!

Artificial leaf, the new energy of future that may power your car!
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Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: When we talk about the energy source of future, we always think of something that is capable of generating power with greater efficiency and sustainability.

We all are familiar with tidal power, solar power and hydropower but none of them hold the potential to become the supreme source of energy in future and are already considered old hat.

Recently, Harvard scientists created an artificial leaf that can generate liquid fuel using air, water, and sunlight and is based on half-chemical and half-biological system, Tech Times reported.

In the research published in the Science journal, the team demonstrated not just how the new solar power system can produce usable fuels but also its impressive efficiency.

The technology used for new bionic leaf carries a cobalt-phosphorous alloy catalyst that can transform solar energy into biomass with an efficiency rate of 10.

The artificial leaf can also create isopentanol, isobutanol and a bio-plastic precursor called PHB.

For the first time ever, the artificial leaf made use of photosynthesis to transform solar energy into fuel that can power your car in future.

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