Burglars loot 2 ATMs in Una, Himachal Pradesh

Burglars struck at two ATMs of Punjab National Bank at twin townships of Mehatpur and Santokhgarh in Una district on Punjab border Wednesday.

Duo arrested for duping people at ATMs in Delhi

A 20-year-old girl student and her accomplice have been arrested for allegedly robbing people after misguiding and duping them while making ATM transactions in Delhi.

Odisha: 60 ATMs still out of order in Ganjam district

Over 60 ATMs of different banks, which were damaged in cyclone Phailin in Ganjam district of Odisha, are yet to be repaired, official sources said on Tuesday.

Concern in LS over ATMs dispensing fake notes

Concern was expressed over growing instances of counterfeit notes being dispensed by ATMs.

Rs 1 crore stolen from Axis Bank ATMs in Allahabad

In a sensational incident, over Rs. 1 crore was stolen on Saturday from different ATMs of Axis bank in Allahabad, police said on Saturday.

Infrared cameras can steal your PIN at ATMs

The residual heat of fingertips left behind on the ATM keypad can be detected by the digital infrared cameras, easily revealing the digits of your PIN.

ATMs new gateways for terror funding

ATMs have become the new gateways
to fund terror activities and carry out money laundering as
economic intelligence agencies are recording an increasing
trend of suspicious withdrawals of huge amounts.