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Austerity has led young men to be 'spornosexual': Study

Austerity has led young men to be 'spornosexual': Study

Austerity measures undertaken by governments as a result of economic crisis have driven young men to become spornosexual and to seek value instead through their bodies, says a study.

UK`s Labour expected to anoint leftist Corbyn as leader

Britain`s main opposition Labour party was expected to name radical leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader Saturday, embracing the anti-austerity sentiment sweeping Europe but threatening deep splits ahead.

Italy PM urges Greek talks to look beyond austerity to growth

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Monday called for talks on resolving Greece`s debt crisis to not focus only on austerity but also on strategies to boost growth.

Bailout offer: Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming referendum 'No'

Voters in Greece resoundingly rejected creditors' demands for more austerity in return for rescue loans, backing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who insisted the vote would give him a stronger hand to reach a better deal.

Anti-austerity protests in Greece as bank shutdown bites

Tens of thousands of Greeks rallied on Monday to back their leftwing government`s rejection of a tough international bailout after a clash with foreign lenders pushed Greece close to financial chaos and forced a shutdown of its banking system.

Anti-austerity protesters rally at Greek parliament

Several hundred anti-austerity protesters, chanting slogans against the European Union and IMF, rallied near parliament in Athens on Sunday as a deepening crisis forced Greece`s leftist government to announce capital controls on the banking system.

Brazil central bank allows currency support program to end

Brazil`s central bank announced the end of a program to support the strength of the national currency, the real, despite its continued decline.

Left-wing Greek PM to visit austerity champion Merkel

The leaders of debt-wracked Greece and economic powerhouse Germany meet in Berlin Monday after weeks of bad feeling over Athens` debt woes, bitter wartime memories and an offensive hand gesture.

Spanish PM hits back at Greece`s Tsipras in austerity row

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Sunday called on his Greek counterpart to get "serious" about his country`s debt-wracked economy, after Alexis Tsipras accused other eurozone partners of undermining its negotiations with Brussels.

Cabinet Secy asks bureaucrats to 'strictly' follow austerity code

Seeking to contain expenditure, the Cabinet Secretary has asked top bureaucrats in all ministries to "strictly" follow the austerity code and refrain from holding conferences and meetings in five-star hotels.

Greece confident ahead of EU meeting, but sticking to its no-austerity guns

Greece said on Sunday it was confident of reaching agreement in negotiations with its euro zone partners but reiterated it would not accept harsh austerity strings in any debt pact.

'Step to the Left indicates austerity fatigue in Europe'

Tim Stevenson, fund manager at Henderson EuroTrust plc, spoke to Zee Business on what the recent political events in Europe mean for the Eurozone.

Greece seeks EU allies for anti-austerity agenda but Germany holds firm

Greece`s radical new government on Saturday began a search for European allies for its anti-austerity agenda, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel once again ruled out debt relief for Athens.

IMF gave richer countries wrong austerity advice after crisis: Watchdog

The International Monetary Fund ignored its own research and pushed too early for richer countries to trim budgets after the global financial crisis, the IMF`s internal auditor said on Tuesday.

Germany stands firm on austerity as it cuts growth outlook

The German government insisted on Tuesday that it will not change economic policy despite cutting growth forecasts sharply as clouds pile up over Europe`s biggest economy.

Budget to mark end of austerity era in Ireland

Ireland will depart from six years of deep austerity on Tuesday as Dublin delivers its first post-bailout budget, with changes to corporate tax rules also expected in the wake of an Apple probe.

ECB holds key rates steady amid anti-austerity demos

The European Central Bank held its key interest rates unchanged at its regular monthly policy meeting on Thursday, amid fierce street clashes between anti-austerity demonstrators and police outside the Italian venue.

Germany hits back at austerity critics

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble hit back on Tuesday at critics of austerity in Europe, saying economic growth cannot be boosted by easing the bloc`s budget rules or cutting interest rates.

Germany to adopt minimum wage to help working poor

The minimum wage of 8.50 euros an hour will eventually benefit more than five million workers in the low-wage sector.

Thousands march in Spain against austerity

Tens of thousands of people marched in dozens of Spanish cities Thursday against austerity measures enacted by the government, which is under pressure from the EU to reduce its public deficit.