Coming, lighter batteries with more life

You may soon be able to have a cell phone with double or triple the battery life as researchers have taken a big step towards accomplishing what battery designers have been trying to do for decades - design a pure lithium anode.

New tech may turn car chassis, home walls into batteries

A future in which our electrical gadgets are no longer limited by plugs and external power sources may be closer.

Soon, gesture recognition system sans batteries to control electronic devices

Researchers including an Indian origin have built a low-cost gesture recognition system that runs without batteries and lets users control their electronic devices hidden from sight with simple hand movements.

Soon, batteries that will run on human kinetic energy

Researchers have taken a step closer to capture the kinetic energy of our everyday movements, such as walking, and to convert it into electrical energy.

Here`s future of next gen batteries

Researchers have proposed that new batteries that store energies in air, water or a combination of both could replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Waste sulfur transformed into lightweight plastic for better batteries

A University of Arizona-led research team has discovered a simple process for making a new lightweight plastic from the inexpensive and abundant element sulfur.

Next generation batteries may last 10 times longer

The key to the breakthrough is a tunneling field effect transistor. Transistors are switches that control the movement of electrons through material to conduct the electrical currents needed to run circuits.

Future bio-inspired pacemaker may require no batteries to pump

A team led by researchers have turned a solid element—silicon—and muscle cells into a freely swimming “jellyfish.”

Scientists develop MRI for batteries

MRI has been extremely successful in visualizing disorders and assessing the body`s response to therapy.

iPod nanos recalled fearing battery fire

Technology giant Apple has launched an emergency worldwide recall of iPod nanos amid fears that their batteries could catch fire.

Now, nano-sized batteries to power mobiles!

An Indian-origin scientist-led team in the US has packaged lithium ion batteries into a single nanowire.

A T-shirt that charges cell phones

Telecom giant Orange has unveiled a prototype of a t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology to charge the phone. Louder the music, quicker the phone gets charged.

Batteries to store sun`s heat instead of electricity!

MIT researchers have discovered how a molecule works to store and release heat on demand.

HP recalls notebook computer batteries

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) has recalled notebook computer batteries after it was found they tend to overheat and pose a fire hazard.

Getting closer toward lightweight batteries

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is developing a technology that could lead to more powerful, lightweight batteries than existing ones.

Solar-powered rooftop batteries to electrify homes

Energy-starved India could soon use its abundance of sunlight to power one megawatt (1 MW)-capacity rooftop storage batteries to electrify homes and offices, an official said.

Airwaves likely to power plane, car batteries

Researchers are turning to airwaves to power batteries in airplanes and automobiles.