Stem cell behaviour of human bowel uncovered

For the first time, scientists have uncovered stem cell behaviour of human bowel, providing vital clues about the earliest stages in bowel cancer development.

5 reasons why grapes are good for you

Most of us love eating grapes. This juicy fruit is a rich source of vitamins A, C, B6 and folate. Grapes are a powerhouse of flavonoids and antioxidants, which help in reducing the damage caused by free radicals and slow down the process of ageing.

Gut bugs may spur development of bowel cancer

Microbes living in the gut may help drive the development of intestinal tumours, scientists have found.

Grapes give boost to bowel cancer treatment

team of researchers has shown for the first time that grape seed can be combined with chemotherapy to improve treatment for bowel cancer.

Tumour `fingerprinting` may help treat bowel cancer

Scientists have found that it is possible to see how advanced a bowel cancer is by looking at its metabolic `fingerprint`.

High-sugar diet `linked to bowel cancer`

Snacking on sweet treats like biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks, crisps and desserts may increase the risk of bowel cancer, a new UK study suggests.

High energy snacks and drinks could lead to bowel cancer

Scottish scientists have linked consumption of high-energy snacks and drinks to bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer rates on rise among men

Bowel cancer rates have increased by 29 percent among men but only by about six percent among women in the past 35 years, a report by Cancer Research UK has claimed.

New implant to drain fluid caused by cancers

Scientists have developed a pump-like implant to remove the dangerous build-up of fluid in the body that many cancers cause.

Scientists develop `rear-view mirror` to spot bowel cancer

Scientists have developed a new device that works like a `rear-view mirror` for doctors during bowel examinations, helping to detect 25 per cent more cancer cells on average

Breath test could detect bowel cancer

A breath-test that they can accurately tell if a person has bowel cancer has been developed.

Apirin `cuts odds of bowel and stomach cancers`

In a new study, researchers have found that taking aspirin every other day lowers the risk of certain cancers by more than 40 percent.

Eating rice may help fight bowel cancer

Rice consumption may help reduce the risk of bowel cancer, a study has suggested.

6 cups of coffee daily could cut bowel cancer risk by 40%

A new research has found that drinking several cups of coffee every day can significantly reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer may be caused by E coli stomach bug

E coli bacteria could be one of the reasons behind bowel cancer, scientists have revealed.

Red meat may elevate bowel cancer risk

Your fondness for red meat might increase your chances of developing bowel cancer due to large amounts of iron in it.

Statins can `halve risk of bowel cancer`

Statins, the pills taken by millions of people to combat high cholesterol, could more than halve the risk of bowel cancer.

Curcumin `could be key to beating bowel cancer`

Curcumin could kill bowel cancer tumours in patients.

Daily aspirin cuts bowel cancer death risk

People suffering from bowel cancer who take aspirin daily could cut their chance of dying from the disease by about one-third, a decade-long study has said.

Exercise daily `to cut bowel cancer risk`

A study suggests that lifestyle factors are more strongly tied to distal colon cancer than proximal colon cancer.