`Trojan horse` method to fight cancer

Fighting cancer can now become a bit easier as scientists have found a way to use the "Trojan horse" method to deliver proteins into live human cells without damaging them.

China, India face huge economic and human costs from cancer: Experts

China and India, the two most populous countries of the world are facing a cancer crisis, experts said.

New test detects prostate cancer recurrence with much more accuracy

Researchers in Canada have developed a new genetic "signature" to identify prostate cancer patients who are at high risk of their cancer recurring after surgery or radiotherapy.

New drug could help revolutionize cancer treatment

Researchers have developed a new drug which can manipulate the body`s natural signalling and energy systems, allowing the body to attack and shut down cancerous cells.

A handshake can tell cancer survival rates

Can a simple handshake predict survival rates in cancer patients? Yes, asserts research. It says that handgrip strength may be linked to a person’s ability to fight disease.

Caffeine-gold combo may help in fight against cancer

A new study has shown that combining a caffeine-based compound with a small amount of gold could someday be used as a tool in the fight against cancer.

New method promises longevity for cervical cancer sufferers

Researchers have found that women with advanced cervical cancer live about four months longer with the combined use of bevacizumab and chemotherapy compared to chemotherapy alone.

Metal implants hold promise for cancer patients

In a ray of hope for cancer patients, harmless metal implants at the cancer site can reduce side effects from chemotherapy.

Yuvraj Singh asks people to spread cancer awareness

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who recently battled cancer, Monday asked people to spread awareness about the disease.

NRI makes cancer treatment accessible, affordable in India

Moved by an insight gained during a vacation in India four years ago, a British citizen of Indian origin has launched an initiative that provides 22 hospitals across the country with the latest medical equipment to make cancer treatment accessible and affordable.

Scientists` one step closer to magic bullet against cancer caused by asbestos

Researchers have come closer to finding a cure for Mesothelioma - a very aggressive cancer associated with asbestos exposure - usually diagnosed in an advanced stage.

Punjab to become hub for cancer treatment soon: Badal

Underlining his government`s efforts in eradicating cancer, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today said Punjab would emerge as a hub for treatment of cancer in the near future.

New mechanism behind cancer spread identified

Scientists have identified key steps that trigger breakdown of normal cell behaviour which is responsible for causing tumours to grow and spread through the body.

Grape seed extract kills prostate cancer cells

A new study by Indian origin researcher has revealed that the synthesis of the most active component of grape seed extract, B2G2, encourages the cell death known as apoptosis in prostate cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

New stem cell breakthrough brings prostate cancer cure closer to reality

Adult stem cells are tissue-specific regenerative cells that replace diseased or damaged cells in the body`s organs.

Simple urine test can help diagnose `aggressive bladder cancer`

A new study has revealed that a simple urine test could distinguish between aggressive and low-grade bladder cancers, thus helping doctors to tailor and speed up their treatment.

Cancer risk increases as baby boomers age

Bringing attention to the response towards cancer care, the frequency of cancer is increasing at a tremendous rate.

Overcoming Cancer

The journey through cancer meant addressing the darkness, the trauma, the papered-over things about my life, the dynamics in the family, our relationship.

Detection of breast cancer with light comes closer to reality

An Indian origin researcher has developed a prototype of a new imaging tool that may one day help to detect breast cancer early, when it is most treatable.

Kerala records rise in cancer cases in 30 years

There has been a 280 percent rise in cancer patients in the past three decades in Kerala, reveals a study by the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) here.

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