Forget rats, cancer drug can be tested on pet dogs

Pet dogs may now be man's best friends in a new arena of life cancer treatment, says new research.

Expert opinion on cancer treatment now available online

One of Asia' biggest cancer care institution, Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) will now offer online cancer treatment options from top experts, an official said here on Tuesday.

Workshop on improving cancer treatment held in Gurgaon

In a bid to improve cancer treatment in hospitals across India, over 50 leading surgeons attended a live surgical workshop at a hospital here on Sunday.

US doctors perform historic skull-scalp transplant

World's first skull-scalp transplant was performed by American surgeons on a man who suffered a large head wound from cancer treatment, a major breakthrough in transplant surgery.

Immunotherapy a new weapon against advanced cancer

In what could completely alter the course of cancer treatment globally, a combination of immunotherapy -- helping the body's own defences to fight cancer cells -- drugs has shown impressive results for terminally-ill melanoma patients in Britain.

Indian plant extracts may treat diabetes: Study

Traditional Indian and Australian Aboriginal plants could be used to manage diabetes and may also have potential use in cancer treatment, a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher claims.

Overweight in teens boosts middle age bowel cancer risk

Teenagers who are very overweight may run double the risk of developing colorectal cancer when they reach middle age, according to research published Monday.

Indian-origin scientist develops new tool for cancer diagnosis

Rohit Bhargava, an IIT-Delhi graduate and now with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has developed stainless staining that provides a new tool for clinicians and researchers for better diagnosis of cancer.

3D 'organoids' to personalise cancer treatment

In a first, scientists have derived a collection of 3D cultures or "organoids" from tumours of cancer patients that closely replicate key properties of the original tumours.

'Humanised' mice offer better anti-cancer therapies

In pioneering work, researchers from the University of Colorado-Boulder have grown "humanised" models of mice in the lab that will lead to better testing of cancer therapies.

Toxin from 'death cap' mushrooms may cure colorectal cancer

Scientists have found that "death cap" mushrooms could help fight the battle of colorectal cancer.

How human neural stem cells alleviate `chemobrain` post chemotherapy

Scientists have explained how human neural stem cells repair cognitive function after cancer treatments.

Six healthy ways to reduce your cancer risk!

The 'C-word', usually refers to cancer is very scary, but the scenario could be more scary if you or any of your loved one is being diagnosed with the disease.

Odisha HC grants bail to chitfund accused on health grounds

The Orissa High Court Thursday granted conditional bail to arrested chit fund scam accused Ranjan Das on health grounds as he wishes to go outside the state for oral cancer treatment.

Scientists identify gene behind triple-negative breast cancer

Scientists have successfully identified the gene behind one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, a breakthrough which could lead to new targeted treatments and a comprehensive "molecular understanding" of the deadly disease.

3D printing points way to smarter cancer treatment

British scientists have developed a new use for 3D printing, putting it to work to create personalised replica models of cancerous parts of the body to allow doctors to target tumours more precisely.

Scientists may soon be able to find cure for cancer

Scientists have revealed that changes to the structure of the protein histone H3.3 may play a key role in silencing genes that regulate cancer cell growth.

India developing new laser devices to combat cancer: Scientist

India is making major strides in developing laser technology that will revolutionise treatment of cancer and open up new vistas in the field of communication technology, Dr B N Jagtap, Senior Scientist and Director of Chemistry group at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, has said.

Hugh Jackman has third session of skin cancer treatment
Hugh Jackman has third session of skin cancer treatment

Actor Hugh Jackman has been treated for his third basal cell carcinoma in 12 months.

How 'Achilles heel' in metabolic pathway leads to new cancer treatment

A new research has identified an "Achilles heel" in a metabolic pathway that is important in stopping the growth of lung cancer cells.